Xiaomi Officially Shows Off a Prototype of Its Dual-Folding Phone

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The video shows that the Xiaomi foldable phone will work like a tablet as well as a smartphone. A video that is being played on the tablet undergoes conversion while the screen size of the device is changed. And since the phone's screens entirely cover the back of the handset when folded, there doesn't appear to be a camera there, either.

The video is edited, and that's why it cuts from both the front view as well as the back.

Xiaomi's ambitious foldable smartphone is real after the company's co-founder and president Lin Bin finally revealed that such device does exist. Albeit more squat looking than the tall 18.5:9 aspect ratio of the S8. Where the other examples of folding phones I've seen look agricultural, the Xiaomi folding phone in the video look polished - one of the best examples of a folding phone I've seen so far. Although it is still a prototype, we're showing it off to you all.

Additionally, the company asked for name suggestions and hints at the possible name for the device, being Xiaomi Dual Flex or Xiaomi MIX Flex. He did not provide specifications of the device which folds two ways to transform from phone to tablet form factor.

Xiaomi teased a very special prototype on Wednesday - it's first foldable phone. As recently as October it was reported that Samsung may be bringing a foldable phone to market this year, supposedly as the Galaxy F, according to some reports, but nothing has been officially confirmed. This suggests that the Xiaomi foldable phone launch is imminent.

Moreover, the foldable smartphone runs a modified version of MIUI which automatically optimises the screen content while users shift between the mobile and tablet mode.

Smartphone displays have gotten bigger and bigger over the years, to the point where an iPhone XS with a 5.8-inch display seems relatively small. Side tucks certainly look more visually pleasing.

There was a lot of buzz at CES 2019 earlier this month for the Royole Flex Pai foldable phone. So adding any fresh mechanical complication is a bit of a risk given how smooth and hermetically sealed smartphones have otherwise become.