United States shutdown: Pelosi says Trump can't persuade Democrats on wall

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During the Cabinet meeting, he blamed Democrats for the almost two-week shutdown, saying they had an eye "on 2020" and the next presidential election. "You know, I've heard numbers as high as $275 billion we lose on illegal immigration", Trump said.

Despite the far-reaching impacts of the shutdown, much of the federal government has not been touched. "They try and make it like it's just about the wall and it is about the wall".

Most government agencies, including the Department of Defense, are funded.

"We asked the president to support the bills that we support that will open up government", Schumer told reporters after a meeting at the White House on Wednesday, CBS News reported. Roughly 350,000 federal workers have been sent home, and roughly 450,000 workers in those agencies remain on the job.

But Rep. Ro Khanna, D-Calif., was the first Democrat who vowed to vote against the rules package based on the PAYGO rule on Wednesday.

But while some Trump supporters clearly feel confident they can win this fight, some of that confidence might come from a misbegotten idea of what the president's powers are in the first place. But there are growing signs that presumed incoming House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will kick off her second tenure by angering a significant portion of her caucus, potentially spoiling for an embarrassing first run of Democratic governance in the Trump era.

GOP Senators eventually kicked the can down the road, passing a Democrat-backed bill to fund the DHS until February 8 without the wall money.

"I would look foolish if I did that", Trump responded after Senator Chuck Schumer of NY, the Democratic leader, posed the question to him directly, according to three officials familiar with the meeting, who described it on the condition of anonymity. This is the Trump equivalent of "read my lips, no new taxes" only in this case I don't think he's likely to reverse course.

House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy said that there's no need to prolong the shutdown and that he was disappointed the talks did not produce a resolution.

Senate Democrats support the House Democratic plan, and Schumer, D-New York, and Pelosi, D-California, have been in constant contact and are on the same page on the plan, a senior Senate Democratic aide said.

But the bills will not include funding for President Donald Trump's Mexican border wall, the cause of the shutdown.

"The president's not going to sign it". And as for his favorite rapper, Trump enthused: "Even Kanye West came out today and said great things about Trump".

"The problem with what Nancy Pelosi is talking about bringing up doesn't change the status quo".

Federal courts have blocked Mr Trump's effort to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) programme, begun in 2012 under Democratic former president Barack Obama, that protected the Dreamers from deportation and gave them work permits. "We have an offer on the table".

"The United States needs a physical barrier", the President said during the Cabinet meeting, comparing the southern border to "a sieve" that allows criminals and drugs to enter the country and facilitates human trafficking. "The crisis that they [say exists] at the border, we don't think it exists", House Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer said, according to the Hill.com. On Wednesday Trump repeatedly pushed for the $5.6 billion he has demanded.

Democrats have offered $1.3 and $1.6 billion at various times for improving border security, but prohibiting any be spent on Trump's wall. Pelosi has called impeachment a "divisive activity", and Democrats were cautious about mentioning the "I" word during the 2018 midterms for fear it would backfire politically.

The agency said the tear gas dispersed the rock-throwers, while most of the people who tried to burrow into the USA squirreled through the hole back into Mexico. But that vague term can include many ineffective projects, such as more lights, more trucks, or more drone surveillance aircraft.

The visit by Pelosi and Democratic Senate leader Chuck Schumer would be their first to the White House since their sharp exchange with Trump in the Oval Office on December 11 during which the president told them he would be "proud to shut down the government for border security".