Transparency International reports ranks Uganda second most corrupt in EA

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The Presidential Anti-Corruption Commission said it was happy about the improved ranking, but it also vowed to do better.

With a score of 71, the US lost four points since previous year, dropping out of the top 20 countries on the CPI for the first time since 2011. It is clarified that the "perception of corruption" has been measured since 1995 and evaluates the work of the state officials and clerks. The Transparency International analysis reveals that corruption was contributing to a global crisis of democracy.

For the 2018 index, 180 countries were surveyed.

The 2018 Corruption Perception Index, a global index that measures the level of corruption across the world, was released Tuesday by Transparency International.

It said that the U.S. has dropped four points since a year ago with a score of 71.

The passing of Italy's first comprehensive anti-corruption law in 2011 is thought to be behind the improvements.

The Corruption Perceptions Index aggregates data from a number of different sources that provide perceptions by the business community and country experts on the level of corruption in the public sector.

In the report, Transparency International warned that this lack of regulation means there's potential for trouble "where the public sector meets private". Sub-Saharan Africa is followed closely by the Eastern Europe and Central Asian region, with a score of 35.

"For example, we have seen how in order to loot public funds, the perpetrators have had to undermine those key pillars of democracy that are responsible for holding those in power to account", said Lewis, adding that the undermining of parliament and the criminal justice system were key cases in point. The country has been roiled by a political rebellion that has the backing of the US and has drawn support from citizens who say they can't afford food and medicine under the economically ruinous policies of President Nicolás Maduro.

The top countries are Denmark and New Zealand with scores of 88 and 87, respectively.

Among its Southeast Asian neighbours, the kingdom's 36 points compared - in descending order of "cleanliness" - to Singapore's 85 (down 1 point from a year earlier), Malaysia's 47 (no change), Indonesia's 38 (down 1), Philippines' 36 (up 2), Vietnam's 33 (down 2), Myanmar's 29 (down 1) and Cambodia's 20 (down 1).

While neighboring Armenia, with a score of 35, was much further down at 105th place, the organization struck an optimistic chord about reforms promised by the government of Nikol Pashinian. Portugal was ranked 30th, while Spain was 41st.

For Bulgaria, it is reported that for the last year it has yielded a single point, with a similar result Greece with 45 points (annual decline by 3 points) and Hungary with 46 points (a decrease of 8 points for the last five years).

Guyana now stands with a score of 37 and is ranked at 93 out of the 180 countries which were looked at for the report which was released today.