Roger Stone to Be Arraigned, Does Not Rule Out Cooperation with Mueller

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The charges against Stone centre on allegations that he lied to Congress about his pursuit of information on stolen emails released by Wikileaks with the apparent aim of damaging presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's campaign.

Robinson on Tuesday ordered Stone not to travel anywhere other than Washington, the Eastern District of NY, and the Southern District of Florida while the case is pending. Roger Stone is kind of an odd political figure.

Stone also vowed not to turn on the President. Steve played "normal, straightforward guy" Roger Stone, who was just arrested by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, appearing on Tucker Carlson's talk show.

Mueller previous year charged 12 Russians accused in the hacking as part of his investigation of Russia's role in the election, whether Trump's campaign conspired with Moscow and whether the president has unlawfully sought to obstruct the investigation.

Kamenar reached out to the special counsel on Friday following Stone's indictment about whether Miller would still be needed. Hewas charged in a seven-count indictment that includes witness tampering, obstruction and false statements.

But "Trump is very anxious", a longtime Trump confidante told Vanity Fair's Gabriel Sherman, with another Republican close to Trump adding: "I could see Roger flipping pretty quickly".

His father never wavered in denying collusion with Russian Federation, but neither did he ever hide his appreciation of WikiLeaks for the disclosures that damaged his opponent. "But the Federal Bureau of Investigation agents were extraordinarily courteous". "I intend to fight because this indictment is fabricated", he told Fox News' Tucker Carlson Friday evening.

The construction of that sentence does not make clear who gave that order to a senior campaign official, but raises the possibility the order came from Trump himself.

The absence of a definitive answer to the collusion question, more than 20 months into Mueller's work, has given the president and his allies a wedge to attack the investigation. His team is looking into whether the president or his associates colluded with Russian interests to influence the presidential election of 2016. "This is an American nightmare that they would arrest somebody like this", Napolitano said on "Fox & Friends" Tuesday, explaining that Stone is not charged with violent crimes, has no criminal past and is not a flight risk. Five men - former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort, campaign aide Rick Gates, foreign policy adviser George Papadopoulos, one-time national security adviser Michael Flynn and former personal attorney Michael Cohen - have pled guilty or been convicted of various offenses. After 20 hours spent detailing all possible contacts tying him to the WikiLeaks founder, Corsi claimed: "We couldn't find anyone".