R Kelly: From rising streaming numbers to celebrity backlash

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What she has done with this six-part series is given the viewer the experience I have had for 18 years, of sitting with a woman who is doing the hardest thing imaginable, telling you about her sexual abuse, going on the record, crying on my shoulder, Yamiche.

In 2008, a Cook County jury acquitted Kelly on 14 counts of child pornography despite the existence of a video that purportedly showed the singer and what appeared to be an underage black girl engaging in a sex act. But watching Surviving R. Kelly will tarnish them for you.

In case you've missed the drama surrounding R Kelly following the release of a six-hour length Lifetime documentary regarding his sexual predation, the explosive TV episodes have one again brought the unsafe rapper to light.

The singer has denied all allegations previously, and said those in the documentary have a "vendetta" against him. The footage purportedly shows Joycelyn Savage, Dominique Gardner and Azriel Clary standing close to the stage near R. Kelly while he is performing. His lawyer has threatened to sue Lifetime over the series, TMZ reported.

It's not clear who set up the Facebook account, but TMZ claimed Kelly and his team were planning to launch a website called survivinglies.com.

Meanwhile, Facebook removed a page on Monday dedicated to discrediting R. Kelly's accusers titled "Surviving Lies".

Spotify didn't respond to request for comment on the matter, but this isn't the first time Spotify has run into the controversies surrounding Kelly and his music. Last month, an advance screening of Surviving R. Kelly evacuated following threats of a shooting.

Multi-faceted artist Chance the Rapper has publicly apologized for collaborating with the r'n'b singer R. Kelly. Master P did, however, place a certain amount of responsibility on the parents of those abused as well as on R. Kelly. Only a few people interviewed are directly complicit in Kelly's operation: an assistant who would go with Kelly to malls to find girls; an anonymous employee who works at Kelly's house; his older brother, who is the only person interviewed who outspokenly wonders what the problem with Kelly's behavior is.

American actress Jada Pinkett Smith is really confused about why R Kelly's music sales have increased drastically, especially after a docu-series about his alleged sexual assault of minors has been released.

Ex-girlfriends Kitti Jones, Lisa Van Allen, and Sparkle all appear on the Lifetime series. He later tweeted, "the quote was taken out of context", along with the footage of the interview.