Pence, DHS Chief to Brief US House Republicans on Funding Bill Talks

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Greg Gutfeld said on "The Five" that President Trump should talk about the "personal vendetta" Democrats have against him when he addresses the nation Tuesday.

President Donald Trump turns to depart after speaking on the South Lawn of the White House as he walks from Marine One, Sunday, Jan. 6, 2019, in Washington.

Bill Shine, the deputy chief of staff for communications, was set to meet with aides Monday afternoon to discuss the address.

"There's no reason networks should air Trump's latest reality-TV spectacle", tweeted former Clinton Secretary of Labor Robert Reich.

Asked whether cracks were forming between the White House and Republicans eager for the shutdown to end, Pence told reporters, "We've been in touch with those members and others".

Congressional Democrats are resisting the president's demand for wall funding.

Trump has offered to build the barrier with steel rather than concrete, billing that as a concession to Democrats' objections to a solid wall.

So far, the White House has given no heads up regarding the details of Trump's message.

A trip to the border has always been planned, and was tentatively slated at one point to occur last week. Trump tweeted that he would address the nation during prime time on January 8. Trump returned from a trip to Camp David.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., argued that since Trump's speech will be broadcast, the other side of the aisle should have their fair share of broadcast time, too. He was initially criticized by far-right media figures for agreeing to fund the government without acquiring funding for the wall, criticism which led him to renege on the funding deal he said he'd sign.

If the standoff continues into the weekend, it will be the longest shutdown in recent history. That means it's the third consecutive week thousands of federal workers across the country have gone without pay. Transportation Security Administration officers at major airports around the country are not showing up for work.

Trump has often boasted of his tough negotiating skills as a real estate businessman, and he appears to relish the standoff, insisting he will deprive the government of full funding for as long as it takes to force the Democrats' hand - "even years".

Pence said Trump has "made no decision" on whether to try to use emergency funding to get money for the wall without congressional approval.

They went on to call Trump's border wall plan "wasteful and ineffective". Trump has been trying to press that case in recent days, insisting the situation qualifies as a security and humanitarian "crisis". Some cable networks, including CNN and MSNBC, which cater to smaller audiences, said they plan to air the speech as well.