Patrick Mahomes' TD pass to Eric Ebron in 2019 Pro Bowl

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New York Jets safety Jamal Adams hugged a line judge after he didn't throw a flag on an obvious pass interference play against Green Bay receiver Davonte Adams.

LaAdrian Waddle will represent Tech the following night when he and the Patriots face the Los Angeles Rams in Super Bowl LIII. It's a bunch of kids playing backyard football, which in spirit sounds great. The Seattle signal caller played into the second quarter, completing 5-of-8 passes for a team-high 68 yards. In the 2017 Pro Bowl, the league went back to the game being between the conferences.

The only reason I watched some of the game was because Kyle Williams was involved. "We've been plotting and scheming all week, manifesting, and it just came about".

The NHL opts for a play-off system where each of the four divisions plays in semi-finals with the victor collecting, well, just pride?

So why the rant? "To be in this experience in this game, it really is an honor". No one was allowed to tackle anyone and the game was largely a blur through raindrops on TV cameras.

In 2017 Pro Bowl AFC won but it was a low scoring game as compared to the prior seasons.

Due to the poor weather on Sunday, the 2019 Pro Bowl quickly turned into a school-yard version of the game we all know and love. Because at least those players will give it their all and leave the pillows in their hotel.

Prescott rallied the NFC roster in the final frame to score their lone touchdown of the day, ending the NFL's All-Star game with a final score of 26-7. It was nearly as much of a family tradition as the Super Bowl to some.