New Intel Assessment Challenges Trump on NK, Iran

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He said Iran was "coming very close to the edge" and suggested: "Perhaps Intelligence should go back to school!".

US intelligence officials warned Tuesday that North Korea is unlike to relinquish all of its nuclear stockpile despite President Donald Trump's attempts to negotiate denuclearization with leader Kim Jong Un.

The report said Kim's support at his June 2018 Singapore summit with Trump for "complete denuclearization of the Korean peninsula" is a formulation linked to an end to American military deployments and exercises involving nuclear weapons.

The broadside, including tweets in which Trump touted the success of his policies in Syria and North Korea, followed testimony Tuesday by top intelligence chiefs that was widely seen as contradicting the president's rosy assessments.

The official said Mr Trump and Kim Jong Un had established a "good relationship" and that US-North Korea conversations were continuing.

Kinzinger (R-Ill.) said that while he agrees with Trump's assessment of Iran, the president's division with top intel officials isn't beneficial for America's presence on the world stage. In May 2018, Trump withdrew the USA from that accord, which he called a bad deal that would not stop Iran from going nuclear.

Last week, Coats emphasized in a national intelligence strategy document that US spy agencies were turning their main focus away from fighting global terrorist networks toward countering Russian Federation and other state adversaries seen as geopolitical threats to the United States.

Trump withdrew from the agreement on May 8 and vowed to place sanctions on Iran because of the agreement's "lack of perpetual ban on a nuclear program and how it fails to address the Islamic Republic's malign activity across the Middle East", reported The Daily Caller.

The testy response came after a U.S. intelligence report said Iran was not making nuclear weapons.

The intelligence officials said they had protected the 2018 United States congressional elections from outside interference, but expected renewed and likely more sophisticated attacks on the 2020 presidential contest.

U.S. intelligence agencies concluded in 2016 that Russian Federation was behind an effort to tip the scales of the USA election against Hillary Clinton, with a state-authorised campaign of cyber attacks and fake news stories planted on social media.

The US on Monday announced criminal charges against China's Huawei Technologies, escalating a fight with the world's biggest telecommunications equipment maker days before trade talks between Washington and Beijing. He said afterwards that the two sides had made "a lot of progress" on denuclearization. McConnell said he would offer an amendment that would "acknowledge the plain fact that al Qaeda, ISIS, and their affiliates in Syria and Afghanistan continue to pose a serious threat to our nation".

Coats also said some USA allies are seeking more independence, responding to their perceptions of Washington's changing policies on security and trade, and "are becoming more open" to new partnerships. During Tuesday's hearing, both Haspel and Coats confirmed that the terrorist threat posed by ISIS would continue for "some time" and that the group still maintains thousands of fighters in Iraq and Syria.

Haspel made the comment before the US Senate Intelligence Committee while presenting the CIA's annual report.