Netflix warns against participating in viral #BirdBoxChallenge

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A viral "Bird Box" challenge is taking over the internet, and Netflix is urging fans to not participate in it. To survive, Malorie has to make a risky journey to safety with her two children, Boy and Girl, all while blindfolded.

Released less than a month ago, Netflix's Bird Box has swept social media with conspiracy theories, memes, and now, the Bird Box Challenge. While others have taken it so far as to drive with their eyes covered. News. The film inspired them to take on the #BirdBoxChallenge which essentially involves them trying to do everyday tasks blindfolded. One man starts running and ends up falling down many stairs of a subway entrance, and it looks horrifyingly painful.

And as you can see numerous attempts of the silly Bird Box challenge either end up being unsuccessful or with people hurting themselves.

Bird Box proved to be one of the most popular movies of 2018 and it was certainly one of the most talked about.

The Netflix film, which was released on December 13, was so popular it broke a record with over 45 million accounts viewing it, according to the streaming service last week.

Chrissy Teigen couldn't help but tease her pal Kim Kardashian over her latest tweet about Netflix's movie "Bird Box".

But while "Bird Box" may be some of Sandra Bullock's finest work, its release comes with a downside.

The Netflix original made headlines going into the New Year when the streaming service declared that an overwhelming audience of 45 million watched the film over the Christmas break.

At the same time, there has been little explanation when Netflix cancels series, leaving viewers to wonder why certain programs - such as several of its Marvel shows - have been dropped.