Missing Wisconsin Girl Jayme Closs Is Reunited With Her Aunt, Sheriff Says

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That is how 17-year-old Ashton Blick met Jayme Closs.

She was found wandering in the small town of Gordon, 65 miles north of her hometown of Barron, by a woman who was out walking her dog, after the child apparently fled her captor.

Police identified the man suspected of kidnapping Jayme as 21-year-old Jake Thomas Patterson.

Investigators believe he murdered Jayme's parents in order to abduct her and took "many proactive steps" to hide his identity from law enforcement and the public. "It wasn't like she was scared of us".

Just after midnight early on 15 October, police received a 911 emergency call from Denise Closs' mobile phone.

Emergency dispatchers heard a disturbance in the background, but no-one spoke to them directly.

Jayme had been missing after vanishing on October 15 - the same night her parents were found dead in their home in Barron, Wisconsin, almost 70 miles south of Gordon. They did not find Jayme or a suspect or gun, they said at the time. He said that Jayme told Federal Bureau of Investigation agents she didn't know him at all.

Authorities believe Patterson went to the Closs home intending to kidnap Jayme.

But despite thousands of tips, the authorities had few leads.

In a town of only about 3,400 residents, the murders and disappearance gripped the local community.

The 21-year-old suspect has been arrested and will appear in court on Monday.

James and Deniss Closs had been fatally shot, with the Barron County's Sheriff's Department concluding their deaths were homicides.

The first was a solo selfie of Jayme, snuggled up in bed with her dog Molly and another unidentified pup. "Jayme was the champion that finally said enough is enough", Fitzgerald said.

They gave no details on how she escaped except to say Patterson was not home at the time.

Jayme's aunt, Kelly Engelhardt, told KARE 11 that the news is what the family has "prayed for" every day.

"It has been 88 days of hope for her safe return, 88 days of prayers". She told cops she met him three weeks earlier on an "online chat site".

She was due to be reunited with her extended family later on Friday.

A nationwide search for Jayme had left law enforcement frustrated with few clues and a trail that had gone cold.

The grandfather of a northwest U.S. girl held captive for months says the family has no connection to the man suspected of kidnapping her and killing her parents.

He worked for a day in 2016 for the Jennie-O turkey plant in Barron before he quit, saying he was moving out of the area, according to Jennie-O President Steve Lykken.

At the press conference on Friday, Baron County Sheriff Chris Fitzgerald alleged the suspect planned the crime and that "Jayme was the only target", and that Patterson allegedly went to the home for the goal of kidnapping Jayme and had no prior contact with the parents.

Kasinskas, who teaches middle and high school science, said Patterson had been a student when he was 12 or 13 years old.

"You're not sure if she's going to be found", he told NBC affiliate KARE, "and when you actually hear it, it's just unbelievable".

She said her reaction was "just disbelief - kind of shock that a kid we all knew could have done this".

Kasinskas said that three officers initially arrived at her home.

"I don't recall anything that would have explained this, by any means".