Kyrie Irving open to reunion with LeBron James

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The Los Angles Lakers are the team that may have the most interest in the National Basketball Association in acquiring Davis. Based on a report from ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski and Zach Lowe, it appears the big man's camp might consider the Celtics if Kyrie Irving were to stick around.

The Boston Celtics are asking the New Orleans Pelicans to wait until the summer to trade Anthony Davis, with the Celtics suggesting they can offer the best possible package, according to a report from ESPN.

"The sources said the Pelicans would play Ball 35 minutes a night and make sure he "would fit" in with New Orleans so he could become a star", the article went on to say. Now that a trade has been requested, every team in the league will conjure up their own offer, but who truly possesses the leverage right now?

Come hell or high water, Anthony Davis is going to end up in Los Angeles playing for the Lakers with LeBron James. Thus, Danny Ainge is forced to sit out these negotiations until the offseason. He was replaced with Jrue Holiday, the closest thing the Pelicans would have to a star in a post-Davis world.

In previous years, Davis had professed his affection for New Orleans.

Between young talent, expiring contracts and draft picks, the Celtics have plenty to offer.

The blow does get softened a bit by Los Angeles also netting Frank Jackson, a 20-year-old two-way ball-handler with upside, but the Pelicans won't mind losing him if it means clearing bad money from their books while also receiving nearly all of the top prospects on Los Angeles' roster in return. Kyrie Irving choosing to remain with the Celtics will. They'll have the money to make a run at him in 2020, but if given the opportunity to flip the franchise upside down, I think the Bulls would try to bank on that opportunity.

If Irving does in fact stay, his presence is expected to be a selling point for Davis - given the pair's bond through their involvement with U.S. basketball.

The Lakers have always been one of Davis' top destinations.

It would be truly ironic for Irving to force his way out of Cleveland to get away from James, only to work his way back to being his teammate several seasons later. "'That is for real, ' the source said". Unless Anthony Davis has had a major change of heart since I was last informed, he does not desire to play in his hometown.