Kelly claims he hasn’t watched #SurvivingRKelly

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The three-night Lifetime series, "Surviving R. Kelly", brings together Kelly's accusers and inner circle to detail the artist's life that the network described as "riddled with rumors of abuse, predatory behavior, and pedophilia". "Why would they wanna tear down another brother / Women show black men some love / 'Cause black men, we go through enough", Kelly sings.

TMZ reports that Kelly also plans to launch a website for the same goal.

"Many of these stories I was hearing when I, myself, was wayyyy underage", she writes.

Surviving R Kelly is the six-part documentary series about R&B singer R Kelly and the numerous allegations of sexual and physical assault against him which he has strenuously denied.

Some are accepting this apology, but many on Twitter are urging the rapper to put his money where his mouth is.

The eye-opening series, which concluded Saturday, interviews dozens of former friends, family members and colleagues, who all make grim claims about the singer abusing women and young girls. The idea of comparing black women like my mother, who risked her life to bring me into this world, or my fiancée, whom I couldn't even begin to imagine a life without, is beyond insane; psychotic even.

Nonprofit advocacy organization Color of Change tweeted the "strength of Black women & girls is determined by how much suffering we can endure".

The sources also claim that producers refused to interview people who wanted to defend R. Kelly. Cunningham and Lisa Van Alley, two different women, stated that R.Kelly was sexually engaged with girls around the age of 14.

The publication reports that R Kelly - real name Robert Sylvester Kelly - thinks those speaking out have been motivated by "personal and professional" vendettas against him and he denies all accusations. John Legend also spoke on-camera about R. Kelly's rise in the industry and the impact of his music, including the Space Jam hit, "I Believe I Can Fly". Since America was born, Black men and women have been lynched for having sex or for being accused of it. "More people are downloading R. Kelly's music now because of the curiosity that this publicity has generated", he says.

The Princess of Urban Pop later died in a plane crash in the Bahamas in 2001 after the unlicensed pilot had cocaine and alcohol in his system.

R Kelly's controversial conduct with women has been put under the spotlight in damning new documentary Surviving R Kelly.

Let's hope the conversation will finally spark action and justice for these women.