HTC Vive Cosmos VR Headset Breaks Cover at CES 2019

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However, a glowing silhouette of a smartphone, is a strong hint in the direction HTC is headed.

What do you think of the HTC Vive's CES 2019 announcements?

The idea is not particularly new, often bandied about by the likes of Oculus, HTC, and Nvidia, but the move towards widespread implementation of Foveated Rendering could be a big step towards truly next-gen VR headsets.

The consumer market is going to be a tough one for HTC to hold onto.

HTC took to the stage at CES 2019 to talk about the future of VR.

The Vive Pro is a VR that is on the higher-end of price as well. It appears to feature tracking cameras on both the front and sides. And it is so confident in its VR ecosystem that it's opening up an unlimited subscription tier for all the VR experiences you can get. This approach assumes that your eye can view the entire scene at one time. It comes with redesigned controllers which flaunt a new design. HTC has already showcased eye controls using a Major League Baseball app called MLB Home Run Derby VR, set to launch this year. The Vive Pro Eye has eye tracking built-in enabling gaze interaction. Dynamic Foveated Rendering would theoretically boost performance of those mobile experiences a not-insignificant amount. The Vive Pro Eye has a similar design as last year's Vive Pro, though it's gotten upgrades under the hood to incorporate eye tracking. Combined with the eye tracking tech, companies can track where consumers look the most to help develop products. It's also possible that HTC will include other enhancements. Like the previous Vive headsets, the Cosmos will also support motion controllers. Yet none of the main headset manufacturers have embraced the technology, that is until today with HTC Vive unveiling the Vive Pro Eye. This headset is a different sort of thing altogether. And even within that savvy sphere folks seemed mixed on whether or not strapping a headset to your face to enter new worlds through the power of technology is a concept that's ready for primetime.

Because, if we haven't made it clear enough yet, VR is still a really cool experience. Not so much. HTC feels pretty late to the party here, announcing Vive Reality, a social hub and/or immersive launcher for Viveport, as far as I can tell. More info will be available "in the coming months", according to the company.