Harris Is Embracing ‘Socialized Medicine — CNN Political Director

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One of the first questions she faced during the town hall was about her prosecutorial past. That will be important in showing higher-dollar donors that her campaign has grassroots energy. "She - uh - doesn't have much charisma, I don't think so".

"Right there we will see a great contrast", she said to laughter.

Kamala Harris faces questions from U.S. voters today as an official White House candidate, a day after the Democratic senator formally declared her 2020 bid to become the United States' first black female president.

Harris' campaign platform is vulnerable. "Medicare for All" has 70 percent support among the American people.

Harris's advisers estimated the crowd at more than 20,000, and it spread from the plaza into the surrounding streets.

Harris, who recently announced she is running for president, said in the video that she would urge the prosecutors to "really look mean".

Harris is a graduate of Howard University and a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha, Sorority Inc. But people would likely change their behavior accordingly to avoid taxes using a plethora of tricks, such as switching salary for stocks, moving overseas, or finding ways to pass on their income to spouses and children. She was ready to fill in the blanks. She also touted her passage of the strongest anti-foreclosure law in America as the example of her ability to hold big corporations accountable.

Klobuchar's position is more practical and politically feasible, but if she (or other moderates run) she will have to make "radical moderation" a virtue.

"I have also worked my whole career to reform the criminal justice system, understanding, to your point, that it is deeply flawed", she said.

Her press secretary Ian Sams told CNN she was now open to multiple paths to achieve her goals. Monday's town hall did double duty. A recent POLITICO/Morning Consult poll actually shows Biden leading among Black voters with 26 percent, followed by Sanders with 14 percent, Harris with 7 percent, Booker with 2 percent and Holder with 1 percent.

But as Harris appears to have discovered, most people don't see it that way. The second is that she has a very real chance to become president if President Trump and the Republicans don't proactively run on policies that answer the Left. The state is fourth in line on primary and caucus calendar after Iowa, New Hampshire and Nevada.

At her announcement about entering the presidential race, Harris found herself defending her actions as a prosecutor, including supporting the California Department of Corrections in denying gender reassignment surgery to inmates. She did not provide specifics.

(2) almost everyone was in agreement that as a matter of political strategy, and basic blocking and tackling, Harris has outclassed her rivals with a polished and impressive opening foray into the race.

"The idea is that everyone gets access to medical care and you don't have to go through the process of going through an insurance company, having them give you approval, going through all the paperwork, all of the delay that may require". Kamala Harris' call to eliminate private health insurance, saying, "I stand with her on that". Trump can beat her. Harris said. "Yes, I do".

Perhaps most important, as Democrats weigh their options in the 2020 field, she made a succinct case for why she believes she would be the strongest candidate to take on Trump and not get "caught up in his insane", as one questioner put it.