Google Assistant Interpreter Mode offers real-time spoken translations

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Google's rolling out a cool new Assistant feature to Google Home devices and smart displays: language interpretation with support for a dozen languages. For example, if we say "OK Google, be my French interpreter" you can get spoken and written translations (on smart screens) in real time.

For hotel booking, you can instruct Assistant to "book the Cambria Hotel in NY on January 12th,".

Lowering the entry barrier to development could help grow Google Assistant ecosystem, as well as usher in a new generation of low-cost smart home appliances.

Additionally, Anker and JBL are building vehicle accessories with Google Assistant support. Users can log information about their travel plans, such as restaurant shortlists, using new integrations with popular note-taking services, including Google Keep. Amazon said more than 100 million devices that work with Alexa have been sold, The Verge reported, while Google estimates its voice assistant's presence on a billion devices by the end of January. Apart from this, Google Assistant is also coming to smart TVs by Samsung, Sony, Hisense, Philips, TCL, Skyworth, Xiaomi, Haier, Changhong and JVC, and DISH's Hopper family of receivers. The company has lacked many of Amazon's best features, with support lacking for certain skills and the absence of multi-room audio with third-party Alexa devices.

Google's Assistant Connect platform has a ton of potential.

Here's a quick tidbit buried beneath today's deluge of Google Assistant news (not to mention the weird waking nightmare that is the CES Small World ride).

Everybody wants to ideal the real-time translation on their respective assistant. "And when you're driving, the Assistant automatically calculates your ETA from Google Maps if you want to send your arrival time to friends", Google reported.

"On Android, the Assistant works with messaging services from the following providers: SMS, WhatsApp, Messenger, Hangouts, Viber, Telegram, Android Messages and more". Once the feature is enabled, Google Assistant will respond to you even when your Android phone is locked. They also will be able to set up and dismiss alarms, schedule reminders and timers, and view answers to personal queries such as traffic and calendar updates.