Galaxy Fold: Samsung is also preparing a 5G version

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This is the same smartphone that was launched as Galaxy A8s in China last month.

The obsessed Tech-Gadget savvies seem to have been confused as the world's reputed mobile making companies, both Apple and Samsung are going in north-south poles of-late when it comes to cryptocurrencies.

Assumedly referring to private keys, S10 holders and potentially other smartphone model users will be able to use Samsung software to store coins. Now, after a leak that displayed the Galaxy S10 running Samsung's cryptocurrency application, we've got seven live images of the Galaxy S10 lineup.

At the time it was also reported that Samsung had filed for three patents in the European Union for "Blockchain KeyStore", "Blockchain key box", and "Blockchain Core". The app welcome page explains that Samsung Blockchain KeyStore "is a secure and convenient place for your cryptocurrency".

Samsung Galaxy S10 is the much-awaited new flagship that is on its way to us. The wallet will allow users to create a new wallet from scratch or import an existing wallet to transfer funds. A second image showcases the ability to set up a cryptocurrency wallet on the phone, which at the moment, supports only Ethereum (ETH).

Samsung's Galaxy S10 is not the first phone to integrate blockchain technology for the storage of cryptocurrency. About a week ago, an employee's phone was spotted being used on the bus, and we just saw a photo of an S10 with an apparent "Blockchain KeyStore" yesterday.

On the other hand, a report coming from SamMobile, says that Samsung's blockchain wallet is also expected to support Bitcoin Cash at launch.

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Samsung also mentions how the Exynos 9820 can power up to five camera sensors (vs four on the 9810), a nice little hint at the triple rear and dual front camera setup the Galaxy S10+ will come with.

Samsung often leads with new features, while Apple is said to later take those same features and ideal them.