Flu Cases Increasing In Our Area

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That compares to just 19 cases reported for the week ending December 8.

Public health officials are urging residents who have not yet gotten a flu shot to do so after the first case of influenza A has been confirmed by laboratory test in the community.

"We activate our Visitor Limitation Policy for the health and safety of our patients", said Kathy Guyette, RN, Senior Vice President of Patient Care Services and President of Regional Member Hospitals. "We kind of saw a blip a couple weeks ago, and it went down a little bit".

IL has been experiencing a slightly higher activity level, earning "local activity" status, which indicates recent lab-confirmed influenza outbreaks in a single region and/or an increase in influenza-like illness cases. He said the virus would continue to spread widely in the coming weeks. So far, there have been five influenza-associated pediatric deaths this 2018-2019 flu season.

H1N1, or Swine Flu has returned to the headlines after 26-year-old Fox News commentator Bre Payton died suddenly. Getting your kids their flu shot is the best way to protect them and prevent deaths from the complications of flu, she said.

If you're the "outbreak monkey", at work, school, home, doctors say you need to get treated.

In more serious cases it can lead to pneumonia.

This year's vaccine covers four strains of influenza, so if you've caught one already, the vaccine will help you fight off the other three or lower the severity of infection, he said.

According to the CDC, flu activity is elevated nationally.

The flu vaccine is a combination vaccine against two strains of influenza A and one strain of influenza B. "Every season is different". Last year's season was thought to have been particularly rough.

"This illness hit her really hard and really fast", she said.

An early start to the flu season is responsible for the increase, Dr. Jennifer Russell, the province's chief medical officer, told CTV Atlantic.