Deal Or No Deal, LA Teachers Strike Will Continue Tuesday

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This would be the first time teachers and the union would have a direct say in the operation of charter schools in the district. The tentative deal won't become official until union members vote on the agreement, which Caputo-Pearl said will happen Tuesday afternoon and evening.

The strike in Los Angeles put a spotlight on the financial plight of public schools across the country and how they have had to compete with the rise of charter schools.

Even if the two sides were to reach a deal on the last day of the long holiday weekend, UTLA officials said the union's full membership would still have to vote to approve it before returning to work. If the district and big business politicians can ram through this sellout contract, it will be used as a precedent to escalate the drive to privatize public education throughout the USA and internationally.

"That's an opportunity gap", Beutner said. Let's capitalize on this.

These permanent hires mean every LAUSD school will finally have a nurse, Caputo-Pearl said. They trusted us when we said that the investment in our students was insufficient. We call on teachers to immediately form rank-and-file committees to continue the strike and expand it to teachers and other sections of the working class in California and beyond.

The deal includes a 6 percent pay hike and a commitment to reduce class sizes over four years, according to statements from the district and the union.

Teacher raises: The school district agreed to a combined 6% raise for teachers - 3% retroactively for the 2017-18 school year, and 3% for the current school year. "It gets to lower class sizes, it gets to support services".

Caputo-Pearl said the issue of class size is a key element of the pact.

The new contract also eliminates a longstanding clause that gave the district authority over class sizes, officials said.

A main thrust of the union's strike was a call for increases in the number of nurses, counselors and librarians at campuses.

The strike only got more expensive on day three, with 134,724 students out of school, costing the district $24.4 million.

The situation is so bad, the Los Angeles County Office of Education is intervening. He said the reserve was needed to avoid insolvency in the face of rising pension and healthcare costs. "The future of public education depends on making informed decisions about charter schools versus community schools", said Rustin. "Every teacher subjected to the union's strike demands needs to know that not only do they have the legal right to resign from union membership and return to their classroom to teach their students, but that under the Janus precedent UTLA officials can not legally force them to continue dues payments after they've resigned".

Los Angeles, is home to the country's second-largest school district and serves nearly a half-million students.

That's a problem because district funding from the state is linked to attendance.

He added, "We are building trust, and the last several days have helped on that". "I feel like it's a new day".

In this Saturday, Dec. 15, 2018 photo, thousands of teachers rally against the nation's second-largest school district in downtown Los Angeles.

Denver Public Schools asked for help from the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment after teachers overwhelmingly voted to strike.

Some parents said they purposefully kept their kids out of school in hopes that the money drain suffered by the district would lead to a resolution more quickly.