Charges expected Monday in Jayme Closs case

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"I imagine she's going to have problems, but she'll be helped".

Authorities say they are still puzzled as to why the suspect allegedly went to Barron to kidnap Jayme from the family home, where her parents were found dead, killed with a shotgun. "She's a teenaged gal who has some good friends around her and she hasn't had them around for 88 days". She had fled the home where law enforcement says she was being kept, and found a woman walking her dog. "I woke up this morning and finally, I didn't have that pit in the bottom of my stomach any more".

Nutter said, "This is Jayme Closs!".

Lindsey Smith and Jayme Closs pose for a picture.

Alison Feigh, director of the Jacob Wetterling Resource Center, said social media and around-the-clock news sources have helped drastically improve how often missing children are recovered since those statistics were first recorded in the 1980s.

"She participated in cross country and loved dancing", said Barron Area Schools Superintendent Diane Tremblay. She said she hoped Jayme's journey as a survivor will be one filled with support and proper resources. You are happy again.

"The way that the house is kind of angled, from the road, there's no way you can even see. Get them safe first, ask questions later".

"Making sure she's safe".

Nutter, of Strum, left her home later that day than she wanted to. I spent the afternoon there yesterday. "I can only go off of my own experiences", Smart said.

Jake Patterson, 21, is accused of shooting and killing Jayme's parents before abducting the 13-year-old at her northwestern Wisconsin home on October 15. Authorities say he had no apparent connection to the family before the killings.

It's unclear if Patterson will physically appear in court Monday.

There are many unanswered questions in the case, including how Patterson knew Jayme. It says he took the license plates off his vehicle, put stolen plates on and disconnected the dome and trunk lights.

In June 2002, Smart, then 14, was abducted at knifepoint from her Salt Lake City, Utah, home, and held captive by couple Brian David Mitchell and Wanda Barzee for nine months. "There is only one road, and I didn't want to drag her through the woods". If she wants to be sad, let her be sad. "Call 911 right now!"

Closs made her escape from Patterson's house on Thursday.

"My dad had to call my neighbor". "An officer sent my husband to the back door and told him to stand there with the gun in case he comes that way".

"I think he was my student", she recalled saying.

Tips poured in. Some 2,000 volunteers - a number equivalent to two-thirds of Barron's population - searched for Jayme at one point.

"Are you all surprised by the strength?"

"We were kind of terrified when we heard that", Kasinskas said. All three responded they were. Did he take things with her? For getting out. For making it. "I'll forever be thankful of the lady and her dog, and the people she took her to". I mean it's just incredible. But that doesn't mean that what has happened needs to destroy her future or needs to define her future'. "And I think about the impact this child has already had on the world. All these people in this whole nation, the prayers that were said", Allard said. Nutter went to leave, only to return to the cabin to put on anti-slip cleats over her shoes.

Nutter described Jayme's condition as "skinny and dirty but outwardly OK", saying her hair was matted.