Australia recognises Venezuelan Opposition Leader Juan Guaido as interim president

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The head of Venezuela's National Assembly and the country's self-proclaimed "acting president" Juan Guaido (R) speaks next to his wife Fabiana Rosales (C) and activist Lilian Tintori (L), wife of Venezuelan opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez, to a crowd of opposition supporters in Caracas, on January 26, 2019. "He's not respectful. They think they can control the world by yelling", he said. No one can shout at us.

"I order you not to shoot", he said.

The Turkish people will see that we will finally win. Of course, it's a lot easier for Silva to say such things from the safety of Washington, D.C. Getting the actual army in Venezuela to follow his lead is another matter.

Following his accreditation by the U.S., Vecchio met with Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs David Hale, who reaffirmed America's support for interim President Juan Guaido. Several countries, including the United States, Canada, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Paraguay, have recognized him.

Australia, meanwhile, said it "recognizes and supports" Guaido as interim president pending elections. Turkey and Iran have put their weight behind incumbent President Maduro.

"The leaders of Europe are sycophants, kneeling behind the policies of Donald Trump", he said, adding he was open to dialogue and meeting Trump was improbable but not impossible. "This is unacceptable because there is no room for racism and hate in today's world", Maduro said.

Australia has now joined Britain, France, Germany, Spain, Canada and a string of Latin American countries in recognising Mr Guaido as Venezuela's interim leader until elections are able to be held in the conflict-stricken country.

Guaido said government officials loyal to Maduro were attempting to sell off its foreign gold reserves in the United Kingdom and relocate the profits to the central bank of Venezuela, Reuters reported.

"Let me be 100 percent clear - President Trump and I fully expect that our diplomats will continue to receive protections provided under the Vienna Convention", Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told the U.N. Security Council at an emergency session called Saturday to discuss the Venezuela crisis. He is said to be helping Guaido informally and has already drafted a plan to rebuild the nation, from the economy to energy.

Maduro has backed down on his order to shut down the US embassy in Caracas and the expulsion of all USA diplomats.

Mr Maduro's Government is believed to have been attempting to get back the country's gold since the end of previous year amid fears Caracas would be hit by global sanctions.

If the USA were to hand control of Citgo to people selected by Guaido, as is expected, Maduro would nearly certainly stop paying back loans to Russia's Rosneft, which in turn would execute a lien giving it 49.9 percent control of the Texas oil company.

FETO and its USA -based leader Fetullah Gulen orchestrated the defeated coup of July 15, 2016 in Turkey, which left 251 people martyred and almost 2,200 injured. "They sabotage us and try to destroy the economic system".

"Turkey has a very important and lovely history".

On Saturday, they were joined by four European Union countries.

Highlighting that Guaido violated the constitution, he said, however, he was not a jury and the issue would be solved in accordance with the law.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro oversaw a display of the army's Russian hardware on Sunday, with anti-aircraft flak and tank rounds pounding a hillside to show military force and loyalty in the face of an worldwide ultimatum to call fresh elections.

But processing global financial transactions is very hard without going through the USA or European banks. And it should withdraw its ultimatum. They say Maduro was elected through fraud.

The 56-year-old is confronting an unprecedented challenge to his authority after Mr Guaido declared himself interim president, citing a fraudulent election. "It's that simple, especially when it comes to Venezuela".

Talks about an interest section will have a 30-day limit and if no agreement is reached embassy personnel will then have to leave the country, according to the statement. But so, too, is the scramble for ownership of the crisis-torn country's few remaining hard assets overseas.