Trump Threatens Infrastructure Legislation Over Border Wall Demand

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By postponing longer-term decisions on spending for agencies that also include the departments of Justice, Commerce, Interior and Agriculture, Democrats will be in a somewhat stronger bargaining position next year when they take majority control of the House.

Last week, the President said he would accept responsibility for a shutdown, but added he thought he had the votes in Congress. A Republican Senator, asked how they avoid a shutdown, texted a simple shrug emoji: ¯\_ (ツ) _/¯. "If you don't, the government will shut down and tough rocks for everybody".

Trump's desire for border wall funding leaves the path forward for Congress unclear.

Jordan, speaking on the floor, blasted the idea of postponing another spending bill fight to February, when Democrats will hold the majority in the House.

Interested in Government Shutdown?

Collins was already headed to the airport to return home to ME and wait for the drama to play out, when word came, via House Speaker Paul Ryan, who had met with Trump, that a government shutdown now seemed more likely. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., said Wednesday of the Senate's bipartisan vote on that bill.

Trump has not indicated whether he would sign or veto the legislation if it is approved.

House GOP leaders are leading a lemming-like march towards a vote to include President Trump's demanded $5 billion border wall in must-pass legislation to keep the government funded that has nearly no chance of becoming law.

"At this moment, the president does not want to go further without border security, which includes steel slats or a wall".

Earlier Thursday, a Twitter posting by Trump deepened doubts about the stopgap bill's fate.

Supporters of US President Donald Trump have turned on him after he was denied a possible last chance to secure funding for his planned border wall.

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said on Tuesday (Wednesday NZT) that the president had also directed every one of his Cabinet secretaries "to look and see if they have money that can be used" for wall construction.

Harris Faulkner, like most of her colleagues at Fox News, seldom agrees with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi about anything.

And Schumer, in his own words, says a "Trump shutdown will not convince a single Democrat to support bilking the American taxpayer for an ineffective, unnecessary and exorbitantly expensive wall".

All this comes a week after the President said he'd be "proud" to shut down the government, so delaying the funding fight until Democrats retake the House next year is a fairly clear concession - and a risky one.

Meanwhile, Trump administration officials were looking for ways to build the wall, which the president initially had pledged Mexico would pay for, by reassigning money already doled out to USA agencies for other projects.

"Democrats earlier proposed keeping funding at $1.3 billion for border security fencing and other improvements, but not for the wall". "I think a lot of people who voted for President Trump counted on him on this particular issue, I think their feet were to the fire". The plan averts a partial shutdown that could begin at midnight Friday.

Ann Coulter, the high-profile media commentator who had been a vocal supporter, said if Mr Trump didn't get funding for the wall his presidency would be a "joke". "Would be done by end of year (NOW)".

U.S. President Donald Trump listens to remarks at a roundtable discussion of the Federal Commission on School Safety Report at the White House in Washington, US, December 18, 2018.