Trump plans to withdraw more than 5000 troops from Afghanistan

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The Wall Street Journal was first to report the plan for the Afghanistan withdrawal.

Though the casualty rate for United States troops is far lower than it was earlier in the war, Americans are still losing their lives 17 years after it began. The Afghan government is under heavy pressure to restore security and take back territory controlled by a number of insurgent groups, including the Taliban and IS. United States officials told the New York Times and Wall Street Journal that about half that number would be withdrawn. He has questioned United States investment in the country, asking in 2011, "When will we stop wasting our money on rebuilding Afghanistan?"

Graham had called the Syrian pullout a "disaster" and a "stain on the honor of the United States (for abandoning allies, as the USA has done many times before)". Many of these individuals have significantly benefited from the war and from US support.

Trump has always been critical of the U.S. presence in Afghanistan, which began after the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

USA special representative for Afghanistan reconciliation, Zalmay Khalilzad, this week concluded another round of talks with Taliban negotiators in the United Arab Emirates.

"A complete withdrawal of USA forces would very likely cause the Taliban to make gains in key areas throughout Afghanistan", Roggio said.

One official said the troops could be out by summer, but no final decision has been made.

Afghan Taliban militants in Jalalabad in June. And while the USA president was persuaded early on to maintain and slightly increase the U.S. military presence in Afghanistan, it has always been apparent that Mr Trump has no interest in or appetite for prolonged military engagement in Afghanistan on his presidential watch.

"The conditions in Afghanistan - at the present moment - make American troop withdrawals a high risk strategy", Graham tweeted.

"In Syria we have less than a third of the troops we sent to invade Grenada and these clowns act like the entire world will go to sh*t if we move them", our intrepid D.C. Operative noted.

Instead, the United States nearly certainly would have to curtain its missions, something that could provide an opportunity for a resurgent Taliban to expand their offensives across Afghanistan. "This will also force the Afghan government to think about peace as a short-term prospect instead of something that could be delayed for years".

U.S. President Donald Trump considers the war in Afghanistan a lost cause and has long pushed to pull the troops out.

The officials spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss internal deliberations.

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani said last month that almost 30,000 ANDSF forces had been killed in the fighting since 2015.

"It's becoming clear that Kabul was blindsided", says Smith. Others, particularly within Jamiat-e-Islami or other old mujahideen factions, may accelerate efforts to re-arm their militias in anticipation of a full US withdrawal.

What seems clear is President Trump has made these decisions either without consulting his top intelligence, military, and national security advisors, or against their advice.