Instagram announce that their recent update has been gotten rid of

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Instead of scrolling up and down to view content, it forced users to tap left or right, utilizing a horizontal, Stories-like approach. Instagram's head Adam Mosseri took to Twitter to explain that this was a very small test, but it went "broader" than the company had anticipated.

"This Instagram update is the worst thing that's happened in 2018", one user wrote. The company has now reverted feeds to the familiar verticals scrolling mode, blaming the temporary change on a bug. The new feature was later reversed among all users, with Instagram blaming the unexpected rollout of the test horizontal feed on a "bug".

Facebook has subsequently gone on record to say that the update wasn't meant to be rolled out globally to all Instagram users. "We apologize for any confusion" an Instagram spokesperson tells TechCrunch.

Instagram has reversed the update as a result of the slew of complaints.

Social media critics have also been quick to react to Instagram returning to its old format.

The update now has users tap or swipe horizontally through their feed, versus vertically.

Mosseri said through a tweet that Instagram is always trying new experiences. Only the username and media are visible at first glance - you have to tap it to see the caption, number of likes, and any comments. Millions of users of the social network received an update today that implemented this system, much to the umbrage of the vocal majority.

The change was reversed and everything went back to normal for Instagrammers.

Instagram has used the past scrolling feature since its launch in 2010, making this change uncomfortable and unnecessary for many long time users.