Indonesia raises volcano alert, reroutes all flights around erupting Anak Krakatau

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Dozens of people are still missing.

A state of emergency has been declared until January 4 in affected areas of Banten Province to make it easier to deploy assistance, he said.

"Our teams are seeing many broken bones and broken homes, and people who are very shaken", said Arifin Hadi, head of disaster management at the Indonesian Red Cross.

Some villages there have been cut off due to damaged roads and bridges, making it hard to supply aid and help people who may be injured or trapped. The Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade confirmed to the Sydney Morning Herald on Christmas Day that Australia would send aid if requested, but a spokesperson for Indonesia's disaster authorities said they would not be accepting any offers of help.

Back in 2004, on the day after Christmas, a 9.1 magnitude quake in the Indian Ocean also triggered a cataclysmic tsunami that struck 14 regional countries.

Israel last sent aid to the Muslim-majority nation in October, when an natural disaster killed more than 1,400 people.

Several reports claimed that tsunami-related buoy warning systems of the disaster-prone country have not worked properly since 2012.

Though recovery was slow, some victims of the latest tsunami said they remember the resilience of the Acehnese people, which gives them hope that they too can rebuild their homes and their lives. As a result, Walid explained that he along with most others never anxious about the mountain's regular rumbling, growing accustomed to the spewing of ash.

Sutopo said hotels along the beaches from Serang to Pandeglang were fully booked when the tsunami struck the areas in Sunda Strait as it is holiday season in Indonesia. "Thank God I met my wife", he said alongside another.

It was the second tsunami to hit Indonesia in the past three months. Even tsunami veterans living in the area were stunned by the lack of telltale warning signs before 15-foot waves were upon them.

"I regret it so much". The absence of tsunami early warnings caused a significant number of casualties because the community did not have the opportunity to evacuate before the wave arrived.

Widodo claimed the tsunami which struck over the weekend was beyond Indonesia's now ability to predict. That was preceded by a series of deadly earthquakes early this year that rattled the popular tourist destination of Lombok island, near Bali. "That's why the residents and visitors in Carita and Labuan beaches and Tanjung Lesung and Sumur beaches were not prepared to escape", he said. "The vehicle was swaying in the waves and we thought we would all die", Hayati said.

A tsunami survivor, Kusmiati, walks with her husband Aden at a destroyed villa caused by the tsunami in Carita, Indonesia. "All we can do from here is to pray for them", she said.

Meanwhile, the Anak Krakatau volcano, whose eruption and partial collapse is thought to have caused a landslide that unleashed the tsunami, is still erupting, billowing white smoke and clouds of ash hundreds of yards into the air.

Hundreds of residents still stranded on tiny islands in the Sunda Strait, which separates Java and Sumatra, will be airlifted or taken by boat to shelters, the agency said.

On Tuesday, National Disaster Mitigation Agency Spokesman Sutopo Purwo Nugroho said the search for victims and possible survivors was being expanded to outlying areas that are now cut off by the disaster.