European Union court to issue Brexit ruling on December 10

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With days to go until the crunch vote in the British parliament that will determine the fate of prime minister Theresa May's Brexit deal, there is growing concern the outcome could push the Queen, as head of state, directly into British politics.

But, if faced with the threat of a calamitous no-deal Brexit, and following a narrow Commons defeat, Mrs May might fancy testing their resolve and seeing if she can win some cosmetic changes to appease enough MPs to win a second vote.

May Faces Decision Day on Whether to Delay Ill-Fated Brexit VoteU.K.

The figures have been released as Mrs May desperately seeks to get parliamentary and public approval for her Brexit deal, amid fears her government could collapse if not. He Brexit is scheduled for March 29, 2019.

"And that's why it's important that ministers are out speaking with communities across the United Kingdom today about how the deal works for them", the prime minister said.

When asked repeatedly what her "Plan B" would be if her deal was rejected, she did not directly answer the questions.

The EU now maintains a single market and customs union for all member states.

"We have reached a balanced agreement which, taking into account the hard circumstances and the complexity of Brexit, is the only and best agreement possible", Barnier said.

And Kent County Council warned that dead bodies may remain uncollected and children might miss exams due to gridlocked roads in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

Under opposition pressure, the government promised last month to show Parliament the legal briefing that Attorney General Geoffrey Cox gave May's Cabinet.

The DUP's Sammy Wilson said the party with withdraw support for the government if it moved to implement the withdrawal agreement.

House of Commons Speaker John Bercow agreed late Monday there was an "arguable case" that contempt had been committed.

"Any solution which left the country divided, left a large segment of the population feeling betrayed, in my view, would have a negative political impact and societal impact that would far outweigh the very small economic impact that the White Paper scenario is showing here", he told the committee.

From the legal advice: "While it will not be directly bound by European Union rules, GB [Great Britain] will be obliged to observe a range of regulatory regulations in certain areas, such as environmental, labour, social and competition laws (the "level playing field"), which reflects varying levels of correspondence to European Union standards".

Brexiteers have also appeared unconcerned by her warnings that if they vote against the agreement on Tuesday Britain may not end up leaving the EU.

The legal advice confirmed that Britain can't unilaterally opt out of the backstop, which requires either an agreement with the European Union or a decision by an arbitration panel.

Steve Bates concluded by saying a "no deal" Brexit would mean the "biggest dis-integration of the complex regulated medicines market across Europe in terms of regulation, cross border movement of goods, comparative pricing and intellectual property".