Epic Games confirms it's launching its own store

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Steam, by comparison, takes 70 percent, and made headlines this past Friday by introducing a new system in which best-selling games would improve their revenue share to 75 or 80 percent upon reaching sales thresholds of $10 million or more.

Now, Epic Games - best known for the Unreal series and eponymous game engine, or more recently the collaborative survive-'em-up turned battle royale shooter Fortnite - has announced its own entry into the market with the Epic Games Store. If you purchase the Season 7 Battle Pass, you'll be able to access Creative mode early from 6th December.

Fortnite Battle Royale is usually patched at around 9am in the United Kingdom, followed by a few hours of server downtime. The Epic Games Store launches this year with a hand-curated set of games on PC and Mac, before opening up to more games and platforms, including Android in 2019. Epic Games has posted several teasers over the past week, showing silhouettes of the Battle Pass skins coming for those willing to spend real-world money.

Players first began speculating that Season 7 would be winter themed when they noticed distant clouds appear in the ocean surrounding the island.

The hit video game Fortnite is to get a Creative mode, allowing players to design and play on their own islands.

Fortnite Creative also hearkens back to Minecraft.

Season 7 is going to have an icy theme, with snow already falling on the map.

It looks very much like Halo's Forge mode, with players able to fly freely and construct as much as they want, so long as they stay within a memory limit assigned to the server.

"Users have generally migrated to Reddit, Discord, Twitter, Facebook groups, and other social media", said Sweeney, further stating that, "Developers are free to run their own forums and social media and link to them from their Epic Games Store pages".

Expect more details on Epic's store at The Game Awards 2018 on Thursday. While Playground mode can be seen as a sandbox for things like practice, learning the map, and weapon testing, Creative seems more like a blank slate for people to let their imaginations go a little insane.