Bush’s funeral train to College Station

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After a funeral route that will take the late President by plane from Houston to Washington D.C. and back again, a Union Pacific train led by a locomotive dubbed the "Bush 4141" will carry him to the George H.W. Bush Presidential Library in College Station, Texas.

"They're a lot classier than I am", Lemon noted of the Obamas.

"I was struck then by his graciousness, his interest in and enthusiasm for Canada - but he was just an extraordinarily gracious person", Brison said. I would hope that I would be. "I'm not saying the Obamas did that". With many Republicans considering him to nearly be a mythical hero and savior of sorts, on this particular occasion, Trump's decision to opt out of the Christian parts of the funeral ceremony for Bush left many people shocked by his actions.

I think this is a classic of inter-show banter.

In a show of respect, Pennsylvania Avenue was lined with well-wishers as the cortege proceeded toward the Neo-Gothic cathedral in the first presidential funeral since Gerald Ford died in late 2006.

"This is not about ideology, this is about the way someone conducts themselves", Lemon insisted. There was no affair.

He concluded his comments on the subject by explaining the "office is not a human being", so Trump is not guaranteed any respect.

Thousands of people filed past to pay their respects, some getting a chance to see Sully, a service dog who was Bush's friendly companion.

An emotional Brian Mulroney says he's convinced George H.W. Bush will go down as the most courageous, principled and honourable occupant of the Oval Office the United States has ever known.

Lemon then waved over one of his producers and played out what he would do with a Trump handshake.

"I'm not petty and small", Lemon replied. "That's real, brother. That's real" Lemon responded. "The @CanadianForces salutes you, Sir", the military said on Twitter. But historians say no previous chief executive has spoken as publicly and as harshly about predecessors as Trump has.

"This is not about ideology. I mean, Obama made Trump seem like a bad president just by sitting next to him". Cuomo replied, "I am, I'm not like you". Still, every mention of Bush's integrity and kindness was an implicit rebuke to Trump, he added.

"Listen, I don't know how big a deal it is".

During the transition between their shows, Lemon said, "Nope". "He came in a limo. And I can't imagine that somebody didn't say, you know, 'You want to leave your coat in the vehicle, sir?'" Obama, in turn, has campaigned for the Democrats and has attacked the state of the presidency in a pointed rebuke to Trump.