Bill Belichick’s Perspective On Patriots’ Miami Debacle Is Peak Belichick

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Bill Belichick was in an upbeat mood after the New England Patriots' dramatic defeat to the Miami Dolphins, saying "no one died". Parker's job was to find running back Kenyan Drake with a lateral.

The running back evaded one tackle before coming inside and then beating the final four defenders to score in the corner.

The NFL dubbed it a "Miami Miracle". "It was sandlot football", Drake said.

The Patriots quarterback surpassed Peyton Manning's mark of 579 touchdown throws with his first of three scoring passes in the first half. The Pats had it, and like a Rob Gronkowski tackle attempt, their win probability falls straight to the ground.

As to why the defense the Patriots put on the field took McCourty, who is both speedy and arguably the team's surest tackler, off the field, Belichick simply said: "That's the way we substituted that group".

"I think this is one of the worst calls I've ever seen by Belichick", ex-Patriots wide receiver Donte Stallworth wrote on Twitter. Miami kept its playoff hopes alive with the victory, extending its winning streak to two games.

"You know, I understand why you're asking that, but I would just say for us, that is on us as a coaching staff", Flores said.

"We've gone though it and we'll be better in that situation he next time it arises".

As it turns out, the play was not a completely original design as Ryan Tannehill admitted after the game.

Running back Brandon Bolden, primarily a special-teams player who spent his first six National Football League seasons in New England, had two rushing touchdowns against his former team.

The Dolphins move to a disappointing 7-6. The next year was of course the game was postponed a week after President [John F.] Kennedy was assassinated, and that was the game where Navy stopped Army on the 4-yard line, went to the Cotton Bowl.