Apple Music arrives on Amazon’s Echo speakers starting December 17

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Amazon's Alexa voice-powered assistant is preparing to gain another high profile music service in the form of Apple Music.

Apple Music is coming to Amazon's Alexa-enabled Echo devices, Amazon said Friday, in a rare move to broaden Apple's streaming music ecosystem.

While there's no special Echo rate-the service will still cost $10 a month or $99 a year, with the same student and family tiers-support for Amazon devices opens Apple Music up to a huge untapped audience.

Amazon says customers have told them that the simplicity and ease of asking Alexa for the content they want to hear has brought more music into their homes. The $9.99 music service now has at least 50 million subscribers.

According to a Q1 2018 report by researchers Strategy Analytics, the HomePod only shipped 600,000 units across the period - compared to 4m for Echo and 2.4m for Home. Alexa will be able to play a user's favourite songs, artists, albums and Apple Music editors' playlists.

When will Apple Music be available for Echo devices? It's also logical to assume that having direct access to Apple Music via the Alexa app will organically increase the number of subscribers who adopt the Apple Music service. But the e-commerce deal could spur more purchases of Apple devices by Amazon customers.

Apple Music subscribers could play music on Echo devices before but only by pairing their smartphone or tablet to their Echo device via Bluetooth.

Lately, the relations between Apple and Amazon have been going well. Therefore, Apple chose to try and equip the HomePod with a bunch of exclusive features such as Apple Music in order to get customers interested in the device. Earlier this month, Amazon started allowing sales of iPhones, iPads, and other Apple products directly and via authorized sellers in the Amazon Marketplace, ending a long-standing feud between the two.