Apple implements Do Not Disturb app on iPhone, after TRAIs warning

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If you want the game, you have to sideload it on your Android devices, something Google doesn't condone.

The new DND feature on iOS is not limited to India and is available for users across the globe. "If an app violates our policies, we take action", Google told the publication. Apple CEO Tim Cook had said at the time that the decision was a defense of civil liberties.

Both apps were created by the same developer and have since been removed from the App Store.

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Apple has finally allowed TRAI's DND app for its iPhones in India. You might be wondering what the issue was with the app because there are a lot of apps out there for this goal on iOS. But then, it doesn't fix any potential privacy issues. It's a restriction that Apple has been enforcing for over a year, so it's unlikely the developers didn't know about it. They'll also have to work hard to regain users' trust after this debacle.

TRAI had wanted Apple to approve government's DND or Do Not Disturb app which the company had earlier hadn't done.

In the second step, enable the DND extension for your phone by going to "Settings" and selecting "Phone". For reported calls, the TRAI will receive information such as caller's number and time of the call, and all the contents of the SMS for reported SMS.

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The possibility of such sensitive information being sent to TRAI DND is likely why Apple said that there was risk to user privacy. In a nutshell, you can download the app to avoid those pesky calls and messages from telemarketers.

Do Not Disturb will allow Indian users to report and bar texts and unwanted calls from a given number.