After Iron Fist and Luke Cage, Daredevil axed by Netflix

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One of the best shows on Netflix, Daredevil, has been cancelled by the streaming service, it has been revealed. The move comes after canning other Marvel shows airing on Netflix such as Luke Cage andIron Fist.

Netflix released a statement to Deadline this evening, thanking the cast, crew and saying how proud they were of the show over its three-season run.

Netflix shocked fandom late last night when they announced that Daredevil wouldn't be back for a fourth season, effectively canceling the show featuring the Man Without Fearafter a critically-acclaimed third season. The third season of Jessica Jones will become available on Netflix in 2019 along with the second season of The Punisher. It stands to reason they'd make full use of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, including the prospect of introducing their own totally in-house takes on Daredevil, even if it does piss off fans of the Netflix series. Luke Cage was canceled a week later, the same day as Daredevil's premiere. If you aren't in the mood for a tv show we highly recommend the film Outlaw King, starring Chris Pine. In contrast to a strong first season, AKA Jessica Jones Season 2 was largely panned by critics and fans alike.

For example, a report on The Motley Fool read: "Observers and investors should expect Netflix to keep killing off shows made by outside studios and pushing its Netflix Studios content harder and harder". (Although Marvel's Runaways is now airing on Hulu, and that's not exactly TV-MA material.) Earlier this month, Disney CEO Bob Iger talked about wanting to invest more in Hulu and increase its programming, and adding shows like these would be a good way to do that.

As the news of series getting cancelled surfaced the fans all across the globe were shocked and heartbroken but mainly angry at the streaming service. As you might know, Disney is coming out with its own streaming platform in the not so distant future, and maybe the cancellation and the ensuing message from Marvel are part of a retrieval process.