Trump visits Pittsburgh to console but stirs anger among protesters

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Trump departing for Pittsburgh Tuesday.

According to the Anti-Defamation League, anti-Semitic incidents on college and university campuses in the USA almost doubled in 2017, rising to 204 from 108 in 2016. For Jews are the principal targets of genocidal white supremacists. As uncomfortable and inconvenient as it may be, synagogue security may require armed measures. We are in the flawless setting to embrace our differences and learn from one another. He had mistakenly thought they were Jewish.

While receiving medical care, Bowers reportedly told SWAT personnel that he "wanted all Jews to die", according to the criminal complaint, leaving no doubt that this crime was a personal attack on the Jewish community. I was not born into the generational trauma that exists as a result of the Holocaust and thousands of years of antisemitism, and I think that is very important for me to acknowledge.

CHANG: How is white nationalists' hatred of Jews different from racism against blacks, Latinos and other minorities that they see as threats?

But she likened anti-Semitism to a herpes infection that lies dormant and re-emerges at times of stress.

"The beauty of American Jewish life is that there was a sense that we are completely equal citizens, and we want to find that right balance between protecting ourselves, our children, our institutions, but also find that natural comfort level we have as Americans and as American Jews", he said. To fight white supremacy, we must challenge and disrupt the structures that support it. Voting may be the easiest and most immediate way to do this that comes to mind, but we can also organize, learn, and spread awareness.

"Thank you, Mr. President, we love you", one woman said.

In an interview with Fox News on Wednesday, Bennett told US Jews: "The President is no anti-Semite".

Soros has also been accused of financing the caravan of Hondurans and Guatemalans fleeing north on foot through Mexico - another claim with no factual basis. "We light candles tonight to honor the lives and to mourn the deaths of those we lost last week to white supremacy".

Tom Steyer is an Episcopalian and is of Jewish descent. As his motorcade wound through downtown Pittsburgh, some onlookers saluted the president with upraised middle fingers and others with downturned thumbs. Activists on the left - sometimes including young Jews - call for boycotts and divestments from companies doing business in Israel, or the occupied territories. Adding to the anger was the shooting suspect's apparent targeting of a synagogue because of his outrage over a Jewish refugee agency that has become a target of conspiracy theories among Trump's nationalist base. Where to draw the line between criticism of Israel and anti-Semitism is a growing source of friction in many colleges and state capitals.

Trudeau mentioned that idea in a letter to Jewish leaders on the weekend.

Many American Jews have now accepted that extremism is on the rise - a sentiment expressed by parents dropping off their kids at the large Jewish community center in New York's Upper West Side on Monday.

When I was around 20 years old, on my first trip to Europe, I was surprised and very saddened to see the significant police presence around synagogues in the various cities I visited.

For so long, hate crimes involving religion have been swept under the rug and pushed away from headlines. "They were murdered because they were Jews".

Quebec Liberal MP Anthony Housefather, who called for the apology two years ago, said the Canadian apology was supposed to address the anti-Semitism Canadian Jews faced around the Second World War, with the St. Louis case being the most visible example.

The American Jewish World Service, the leading American Jewish organization dedicated to doing the work of social justice, speaks of its own history in terms of "thirty years of tikkun olam, " and as the core value that has inspired its extraordinary work "to realize human rights and end poverty in the developing world".

There are nearly 20 synagogues in the Pittsburgh area, and all will share the added security supplemented by the cooperation of local police.

Like numerous great Jewish institutions of NY, the community center is protected by measures that aren't exactly new: an armed guard at the front, and airport-style screening for visitors with bag checks and metal detectors.

The president's visit to the Pittsburgh area comes as he struggles to balance appeals for national unity with partisan campaign rhetoric just a week before U.S. mid-term elections. We are unaware and self-righteous in our absolute certainty that we hold the moral ground and "the other" is either stupid or evil, or both.