Probability of dying is much higher on Mars: Elon

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But at the age of 47, time is ticking.

The tech entrepreneur-one of three iconic figures interviewed for an Axios HBO documentary series-hopes to someday ride one of his SpaceX rockets to the Red Planet.

Let's - like NASA's InSight lander - delve a little deeper.

Elon Musk may not be around for much longer as he intends to travel to Mars, a journey he thinks will most likely be a one way trip.

Musk suggests that flight could take place in seven years, and the cost of the ticket will be around a few hundred thousand dollars.

Mars is the next big destination for humans.

So, could he do it?

What do you think about Musk's 70 percent chance rating?

Whatever Musk decides to do, he won't be the next man-made object to land on Mars.

According to his vision, the chosen few who would actually venture to the Red Planet, will have to immediately get busy and work non-stop to build the first-ever Mars base.

But Musk remains certain he wants to go.

It's no top-secret fact that Tesla was in dire straits for a good period of time. "And if that's OK, then you're a candidate for going". Musk did not answer that line of questioning either and instead said, "We're going to go to YouTube".

Musk compared relocating to Mars to going to the Antarctic or climbing Mount Everest. "So. there's a good chance you die there". For quite some time now, the auto company has struggled with the basic process of getting cars off the production line and into the possession of the many people who have placed quite significant deposits. "They like doing it for the challenge", he said.

"It hurts my brain and my heart", Musk acknowledged via MarketWatch.

"I've said before that we must prove that Tesla can be sustainably profitable", he told reporters during last month's earnings call.