Pixel 3 XL bug adds second notch to screen

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Users who experienced this troubling bug explain on different forums that a restart of the Google Pixel 3 XL device is sufficient to remove the fake notch and thus restore the handset to its normal condition.

The Google Pixel 3 XL was launched earlier this month, adopting a display notch that looks like that of the iPhone X. As with numerous other phones featuring the notch, the Pixel 3 XL was welcomed with mixed reactions.

This software glitch might have been caused by an orientation bug, or by any display related feature that triggers the digital notch to be displayed on the side of the screen.

Thankfully, Google is aware of the problem, telling Android Police that a fix for the ghastly glitch is "coming soon".

Even before the official presentation of the Google Pixel 3 XL in the network began to leak pictures of the new smartphone. "Get Pixel 3 now and we'll include extra notch for free", wrote another. As an example, if a command you gave to Google Assistant required additional actions, the Android apparatus would have the ability to authenticate it as a control from its user. It does seem that it is hit and miss on some of these other devices and as far as quality compared to the Pixel 3 devices, that remains to be seen as well. Google allows only one notch per side which is top or bottom and no notches on the side of the device.

Pixel 3 XL, with its mix of innovative features comes at an asking price of Rs 83,000 (64GB) and Rs 92,000 (128GB). Google also confirmed in one of its support pages that the removal and highlighted that apart of unlocking the device, users can also access the Google Assistant on their latest flagship smartphone by passing the "OK Google" command.

Ever since the Google Pixel 3 has launched, there have been three new versions of the Google Camera app.