Oprah campaigns for Democrat Stacey Abrams for Georgia governor

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The Channel 2 Action News/Atlanta Journal-Constitution poll found that 46.9 percent of the respondents said they support Abrams, compared with 46.7 percent who said they support Kemp.

"You know who will fight for you?" The state has not elected a Democrat governor since 1998. Pence said Abrams is being bankrolled by Hollywood liberals, referring to Winfrey and actor Will Ferrell. And it has similarly spilled into the partisan arena.

As a result of policies Secretary Kemp has seen to, tens of thousands of majority-Black potential Georgia voters have seen their applications placed on hold.

Kemp and Abrams, a former state representative, have battled over voting rights and access for years in the Deep South state. He did so under the auspices of a 2017 state law passed under his urging, which requires an "exact match" between a voter registration form and government documents. The public disclosure reports showed that Kemp had about $4.2 million remaining, while Abrams said her campaign had about $3.9 million on hand. Other people are flagged as potential noncitizens, often because the state driver's license database hasn't been updated to reflect their naturalization.

Julie Houk, a lawyer for the civil rights groups, said that's not what's happening.

Kemp was also ordered to issue a news release explaining how those flagged for potential citizenship issues could still vote by proving their citizenship, as well as offering a phone number for them to call with any questions.

As a black woman, Winfrey noted her kinship to two groups historically denied ballot access in the United States. "We unequivocally condemn this group and their awful actions". A District Court judge granted the temporary restraining order last week, prompting the state to appeal the decision. "Rather it lives and thrives in making sure that everybody is lifted by the community", Winfrey said. "He is the clear choice for a stronger, safer and a more prosperous future".

The rulings are a rebuke to Secretary of State Brian Kemp, whose office oversees the voter rolls and who is the Republican candidate in the state's hotly contested gubernatorial race. "It is a minor change to the current system", Broce said.