OnePlus 6T is now on sale

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As usual, this device is cheaper than other Android-powered smartphones.

However, these are just leaks as per now but there is no official confirmation from the company or spokesperson as of now. OnePlus has put the fingerprint sensor underneath the display this time around, so you can just put your finger on the display to unlock your phone.

There are debates on the need of 1440p displays. Stereo speakers are present on many flagships and even on some flagship killers (or budget flagships). It does make a difference while watching videos, but it's not a deal-breaker. The Studio Lighting mode helps in getting better lighting for portrait shots by detecting faces. It doesn't do anything else. The smartphone has a 3D glass back, made from multiple layers of glass, it includes anti-glare coating and a texturized multilayer film.

As always, have been removed, many previously identified issues and new yet hidden, plus integrated fresh the November security patches from Google.

Though the new colour variant option has not been confirmed by OnePlus yet, it seems to be based on a solid piece of information. But with the launch of OnePlus 6T, the scenario changed. Samsung and LG phones can do this too. It is available at T-Mobile as well as OnePlus. Goodbye headphone jack. So why did OnePlus kill the headphone jack?

Anecdotally, the OnePlus 6T has one of the best battery lives of any smartphone I've used in 2018. The download link has got more wallpapers and in high quality.

It has a fantastic camera. The design was first seen with brands like Oppo and Vivo (obviously) and OnePlus is the latest to go for the so-called water drop notch.

The OnePlus 6T has a switch for silencing notifications, much like the iPhone.

It has the fastest fast-charger. The effect of this is that they are also getting more expensive.

This was a huge week for OnePlus – the young phone maker unveiled the OnePlus 6T, but more importantly it got a solid footing in the U.S. market with support from T-Mobile and Qualcomm. Interested buyers can purchase the latest OnePlus flagship from the and offline retail chains in addition to the company website for a starting price of Rs 37,999.