Many Democrats anxious as they are hopeful about midterm elections

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President Donald Trump isn't on the ballot, but he has campaigned heavily in the lead-up to the election.

Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is spending $5m on ads on the eve of the midterms that feature him speaking straight to the camera to urge moderate voters to support Democrats in the midterms. "Donald Trump has the pen, and his handwriting isn't always very good".

A nationwide poll released Sunday by NBC News and The Wall Street Journal details the depth of the demographic shifts.

Trump flew to Fort Wayne just days after stumping in Indianapolis, where he brought along native son Vice President Mike Pence and pugnacious basketball coach Bobby Knight in an effort to unseat Donnelly.

If Democrats fail to take back the House and make significant gains at the state level, they'll be shut out again, without a say in legislation and judicial appointments. "You know when kindergartners are going to school to do active shooter drills and they come home terrified that's a problem", Randall said. "That was a surprise".

"Sometimes it's not as exciting to talk about the economy, right?" he told voters Friday in West Virginia.

In the Senate, on the other hand, Republicans have a very favorable landscape and are competing in conservative states held by Democrats.

Trump finally explained why he's ditching the economy for immigration as his hot button talking point at his bare-knuckle style rallies.

But there's a midterm election outcome scenario that is largely being overlooked by the markets.

Mr Trump has delivered a very different closing argument, railing against Latin American immigrants seeking asylum at the U.S. border.

'"Trump wants voters to 'think the Democrats are all about impeachment, investigation, caravans, 'scaravans, '" Pelosi said in an East Bay Times report. This includes almost $900,000 from a Republican group trying to keep Randall from taking the seat.

Trump is telling the caravans to turn back and insisting they will not be allowed in.

"To say "look we tried this ... we can safely say it failed and now I'm a better choice".

Trump has seized on the nativist us-versus-them message that resonated with his base during the fiery 2016 campaign as he races across the country to secure votes, using inflammatory language as he paints a country under threat from hordes of illegal immigrants, rampant crime and far-left Democrats.

"I'm not on the ticket, but I am on the ticket, because this is also a referendum about me", he told a rally in MS recently.

In traditionally red Texas, popular Democrat Beto O'Rourke is trying to dethrone Senator Ted Cruz, while Republican Pete Stauber might flip a House Democratic stronghold in Minnesota.

US Congress holds midterm elections on Tuesday and as we get close to the Election Day, here are the expectations as forecasted by the economists and researchers of 7 major banks regarding the outcome.

I think we have greater and greater chance of keeping the House", Spicer told Fox News' "Fox and Friends", adding that it is also time to put more Republicans in the Senate to "help President (Donald) Trump change America.

And he's crediting the dozens of rallies he's held on behalf of candidates, saying that they "have really been the thing that's caused this big fervor" to start and to continue. And it was at a rally for Abrams that former Attorney General Eric Holder uttered the infamous call to "kick" Republicans.

But that didn't keep Trump, who has two more campaign stops in IN and Missouri tonight, from encouraging his supporters to get out to the polls.

In prepared remarks for a speech Sunday at an interfaith prayer lunch in Chattanooga, Bredesen said Trump will "have plenty of derogatory things to say about me". "Which is a big difference", she said.

Even with the United States economy largely humming along, and Republican candidates desperate for Trump to highlight the gains, the president himself often prefers to rile up a crowd over immigration. The gains would be north of 40 or 45 seats and give Democrats a substantial House majority - comparable to the GOP's current 42-seat majority.

If Democrats can score historic gubernatorial wins in southern states - potentially giving Florida its first black governor and the nation its first black female governor in Georgia - it will be seen as a strong rebuke of Trump in an age of deep political polarization and racially divisive campaign messaging.

Trump's final sprint will take him Monday to Ohio, Indiana and Missouri.