Lindsey Graham: No 'Holy Hell to Pay' for Sessions Firing

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A Vancouver demonstration in support of special counsel Robert Mueller drew about 50 USA citizens and supporters on Thursday evening. I'm concerned Rod Rosenstein will no longer be overseeing the probe. "It's not ok for someone to break the law and be above the law".

This protest was part of a large group of events that happened worldwide, organized by Move On, a left-wing group that describes itself as "a force for social justice and political progress". She said she called on people to contact legislators and form a public outcry about Sessions' resignation that will have to be addressed. A Justice Department spokesperson has indicated that Whitaker will be assuming the full scope of the attorney general's responsibilities-including, it would seem, direct supervision of the Mueller investigation.

Crowds also turned out in Chicago; Greensboro, N.C.; Chattanooga, Tenn., and many other places.

Trump Jr. has reportedly told pals he is anxious about being arrested this week following the midterm elections and the firing of top United States lawman Jeff Sessions.

The president's decision to replace Sessions with an even more devoted loyalist, Matthew Whitaker, in an acting capacity has drawn outrage from critics, including senior Democrats, who won control of the House of Representatives in Tuesday's midterms.

That job gives Whitaker the power to oversee the Russian Federation probe.

"It's unfortunate that we all knew the president was going to try to get rid of Jeff Sessions", Warner, a Virginia Democrat, said. But, she said, she's concerned that Sessions' departure may be a sign that Mueller's investigation will be blocked. "It's clear to me it's not working, was not working between Attorney General Sessions and President Trump". An op-ed in the New York Times by the former solicitor general Neal Katyal and prominent Republican attorney George Conway laid out this argument on Thursday.

Trump, said Nora Mann, an activist from Arlington, is "running scared".

"You would always take that meeting".

I would like to get into two of the things that you reported today.

But party leaders said they need to be judicious about striking at Mr Trump - knowing their actions could energise an angry Republican base if they attack him indiscriminately.

"The chances of Mueller being interfered with goes up dramatically" with Whitaker's appointment, he said.

Mueller's probe has since reached plea deals with or indicted a number of Trump associates. Many of them reflect statutory requirements imposed by Congress, and several may well set substantial restrictions on Whitaker's eligibility to supervise the Mueller investigation due to his prior positions and relationships.

But before joining the Justice Department as Sessions' chief of staff, Whitaker appeared on CNN where he said the attorney general has the power to cut Mueller's budget and bring the investigation to a halt. Mueller and Trump's lawyers have negotiated for months about a possible interview, with no agreement in sight. "Worth a read", he tweeted.

In an interview with a conservative talk radio host, Whitaker said there was "no collusion" between Trump's presidential campaign and Russian Federation, a key question being examined by the special counsel's office.

Moscow denies interfering in the 2016 election.