'I Don't Care' if House Democrats Release My Tax Returns

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Meanwhile, European stock are set to open a bit lower on Monday as investors are frightened the Democrats will gain a majority in the House of Representatives and the Senate in the USA midterm elections, making it harder for Mr Trump to pass new laws.

The surest sign of Trump's concern about the House came in an interview with conservative Sinclair Broadcasting.

He laid out the stakes on Monday in a call organised by his re-election campaign.

"The hard thing for Canadians to know is what kind of Democratic Party are you getting after this election", he said. What happens when they actually have power and the base wants them to go further than they think is prudent? Very tough. They'll need a systematic polling error in all of the races to take this one.

"When it comes to his actions, I'm not a huge fan of his tweets", Panelo said. ".2018.pdf">poll released on Monday found that immigration is more important to Republican voters (64% said it was extremely important to their vote) than the economy (60%).

"I do eventually want to unite, but I'm driving them insane", Trump said in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

President Donald Trump implored his supporters to vote on Tuesday, saying the media will treat the midterm results as a referendum on his presidency.

President Trump is stumping in states he won in 2016, like Tennessee and Georgia, and touting the booming economy and immigration.

But an upbeat President Trump predicted victory in the Senate - where pollsters say the GOP has a good chance to maintain or widen its majority - and even the House. "He's just so irresponsible", said Albrecht, who worries Trump's embrace of the far-right is remaking his party.

FILE - President Donald Trump acknowledges the crowd as he leaves a rally in Chattanooga, Tenn., Nov. 4, 2018.

According to the Wesleyan Media Project, no other U.S. general election in the last decade has seen close to so many attack ads as this one. A driving force, on both sides, is rage: rage toward the president; rage the president has tried to foment against migrants, the news media and Democrats, among others.

With the walking caravan weeks away, Trump dispatched more than 5,000 troops to the region. He has pushed forward with the rallies amid news events that would have halted previous leaders - holding a massive rally the same day a gunman massacred 11 people in a Pittsburgh synagogue.

Trump spent his final hours on the trail Monday in OH and in, with a further stop planned in Missouri.

If Republicans hang on to control of Congress, Trump will nearly certainly be emboldened.

The heartland, flyover country, the Rust Belt - whatever you call it, the swath of states along the Great Lakes from Pennsylvania to Wisconsin delivered the White House to President Trump in 2016. "That is an area where both the Trump administration and Democrats agree", he said.

In the run-up to vote Mr Trump has sent thousands of soldiers to the Mexican border, suggested that illegal immigrants who throw stones should be shot, and told Americans that the Democrats would turn the country into a crime-and-drugs black hole.

Democrats hope to elect a record number of women to Congress. Faced with low Republican enthusiasm, Trump calculated that immigration would again be an animating issue for his base.

Mr Trump, in particular, has played on a visceral fear of weak borders and caravans of migrants heading from Central America to the U.S., and of the bogeys of runaway crime and socialist "mobs", if the Democrats gain ground and stall his agenda.

"We need to use our precious resources to help Americans who follow our laws, not to reward illegal aliens who break into our country and break our laws", Trump said.

In the final sprint to Election Day, Trump has pushed forward with rallies amid news events that would have halted previous leaders - holding a massive event in IL the same day a gunman massacred 11 people in a Pittsburgh synagogue.

Barack Obama, the former president, has reemerged to lead the Democrat charge in the final few days of campaigning, breaking with his largely observed silence on Mr Trump with a series of emotive speeches.

I'm sure you'll let me know if I'm wrong. "And maybe I could've been softer from that standpoint", he said.

"This is probably the most important election in the past 100 years". Top congressional Democrats are throwing cold water on moving to impeachment quickly, but they say if there is evidence that emerges from the special counsel's probe of any wrongdoing, they don't rule out Judiciary Committee action. The crowd responded with the chant, "Lock her up!" Fierce political battles were raging in races across the nation.

Trump's midterm efforts will not stop with his Missouri rally on Monday night. And his own bid for re-election in 2020 is already underway.