Florida recount puts Trump Senate wins on a knife-edge

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State rules mandate a recount if the margin is less than 0.5 percent, which looks entirely possible.

There are 67 counties in Florida, but disputes over vote total always come down Broward and Palm Beach counties, where mischief, incompetence and fraud take place.

On Friday afternoon, Judge Carol-Lisa Phillips of the 17th Judicial Circuit of Florida said the information should be made available by 7 p.m. Two days after voting has concluded, the Supervisor Of Elections is unwilling to disclose records revealing how many electors voted, how many ballots have been canvassed, and how many ballots remain to be canvassed.

In the complaint, his attorney wrote that by rejecting and discarding ballots with signature mismatches, the local canvassing boards are disenfranchising the voters who cast them.

Rick Scott called for an investigation into what he called vote counting fraud in Broward and Palm Beach counties, but no investigation has begun.

However, the FDLE has said it is not investigating Snipes at this time, as no allegations of voter fraud have been received and Scott has not put his request in writing.

Scott holds a razor-thin lead over Nelson. In Florida, an automatic machine recount is triggered at 0.5%, while a hand recount comes with a margin of 0.25% or less.

Scott says "unethical liberals" are trying to steal the election. Meanwhile, Democratic incumbent Sen. The race remains too close to call, with Nelson narrowly trailing Scott.

The lawsuit claims 15 Arizona counties do not have uniform standards for dealing with mailed ballots.

"Right now the results are unknown, as to who has won", he said.

A group of about 30 sign-holding Republican protesters gathered outside the office of Broward County Supervisor of Elections Brenda Snipes, singing "The Star Spangled Banner" and "God Bless America".

Jesse Watters said Snipes has a questionable history, and he took a page from President Trump's nicknaming playbook by dubbing her "Sneaky Snipes".

Not only does it seem like this led to confusion, this exact problem was anticipated by the U.S. Election Assistance Commission more than a decade ago.

That could change however, as ballots continue to be counted in Broward, which is Florida's second largest and one of its most Democratic counties where 1.2 million people are registered to vote. He reiterated that sentiment on a second call Friday with reporters, while also hitting back at Scott.

The fight over the November 7, 2000 presidential election in Florida went all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court.

"Senator Nelson hired one of Hillary Clinton's lawyers from D.C., and one of the first things he did was tell reporter's that he is here to win the election".

In the case of Florida still counting ballots more than 48 hours after polls closed, David Becker, the executive director for the Center for Election Innovation and Research, told NPR it is extremely common for a voting jurisdiction to be taking as long as Broward County is. Kemp leads Abrams with 50.3% of the vote and has claimed victory, but Abrams, who would be the first female black governor in the U.S., has yet to concede, saying that some votes have not yet been counted.

On Twitter, US President Donald Trump also weighed in on the race, as he did often during the campaign.

Unofficial results show Gillum trailing Ron DeSantis, a Trump-endorsed Republican, by just 36,165 votes, or 0.44 percentage points. The county's then-elections supervisor, Democrat Theresa LePore, wanted to make the 10 presidential candidates' names bigger on the ballot so senior citizens could read them.

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