DeSantis wins Florida governor’s race; Gillum concedes

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All eyes were on Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum on Thursday, as vote margins in Florida's close contests for governor and Senate tightened. Scott will join Sen.

Republican former Rep. Ron DeSantis, a strong ally of President Trump, beat Mr. Gillum, the left-wing mayor of Tallahassee, in the unofficial results and Mr. Gillum conceded shortly before midnight last Tuesday. Similarly, Miami-Dade County increased turnout from 50 percent to 57 percent.

The governor-elect said he will "fight the good fight" and hopes to work with people on both sides of the aisle no matter who they supported. They want affordable housing.

"She will be, when she takes office, the highest-ranking Hispanic female in the history of the state of Florida", DeSantis said.

Overall, Democrats agreed Wednesday that one step toward ending their quarter-century in the proverbial desert lay in treating elections as a never-ending process.

United States residents are waking up to the midterm election results, in what is a big change for USA congress.

A machine recount is simple, Corley said, where completed ballots are fed through ballot counting machines to verify original, unofficial counts. Well yeah, in terms of those people who are turning out in midterm elections, it's nearly always a red state.

The races in Florida and Georgia were seen as a test of whether liberal candidates could prevail in Southern states, where centrist Democrats have repeatedly lost, by appealing to a coalition of young and minority voters. "And I pay Florida property taxes". "Show me a single data point that says we're not", Vancore told the News Service.

Gillum's campaign stoked intrigue by releasing a statement about "counting every vote" - but not explicitly asking for a recount.

Late Tuesday night, Gillum spoke to those at his election results watch party at Florida A&M University when he saw the numbers weren't going his way.

The stark differences between the two candidates and the negative nature of the race were crystallized in two vitriolic debates. "A brown person will vote for a white person, but there are certain white people who will never in a million years vote for a brown person", he said.

Legal wrangling began in earnest in Florida on Thursday as top political campaigns girded for the possibility of lengthy and expensive vote recounts, especially in a Senate race that remains too close to call.

"We are requesting the total number of provisional ballots in Pasco County, and the voter information for these ballots", wrote Grace Albergo, regional political director for Scott's campaign, in an email that other supervisors said that they also received.

But for now, Republicans maintain their dominance in Florida - even if by the slimmest of margins. At least the Republican Party knows who it is. "I'm glad that Tallahassee gets it right often when Washington gets it wrong and I think we are going to have a great team moving into this next year".