CLOSER AND CLOSER: Another 'Never Nancy' Democrat FLIPS for Pelosi

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"Are there dissenters? Yes", the California Democrat told reporters as voting was underway.

Several factions within the Democratic caucus in the House worked against Pelosi, but they failed to gain ground in recent days.

There are also at least four newly elected Democrats who did not sign the letter but campaigned promising not to back Pelosi and have said they will keep that pledge.

But he beat an icon of the left, Rep. Barbara Lee of California, who would have been the first black woman to be elected to that post.

The two lawmakers, both of whom are members of the Congressional Black Caucus, were running to replace Joseph Crowley of NY, who was ousted in a primary. Assuming her colleagues nominate her today, she will challenge the Republicans' nominee in early January, when the Democrats will have a healthy majority.

"I am disappointed to report that no agreement was reached in this initial meeting", Moulton said. They are running unopposed.

'The caucus is coming together, ' Clyburn said.

Rep. Brian Higgins of western NY and Rep. Stephen Lynch of MA, who both signed the same letter opposing Pelosi, now back her. Rep. Marcia Fudge, a possible Pelosi challenger, also ended up endorsing her. The members who oppose Pelosi as speaker say she has not done enough to help groom younger members for leadership positions, in turn making it almost impossible for them to rise in the ranks.

Another group, led by Rep. Seth Moulton of Massachusetts, Rep. Tim Ryan of OH and Rep. Kathleen Rice of NY, left the leader's office empty-handed.

Some had touted her as a potential successor to Pelosi, but Bass announced this month that she was supporting Pelosi and focusing on her CBC bid instead.

"There has to be some succession plan", Rice said.

Pelosi, a master legislator and political strategist who served as House speaker for four years from 2007, played a pivotal role in her party's winning performance in the midterms.

Rep. -Elect Jahana Hayes threw her support behind Pelosi while speaking with MSNBC this week; saying "No one has asked me for a vote other than Nancy Pelosi". "But I expect to have a powerful vote going forward".

Ms Pelosi may be the villain of the right and the face of the Ancien Régime for some dissatisfied Democrats, but she's still one of the best vote-counters and arm-twisters in Congress.

Democrats flipped 40 seats, more than enough to win control of the House.

'The battle is the floor, ' Sanchez said.

"We met with Leader Pelosi and tried to engage her in a reasonable conversation about leadership transition", Rice said in a statement. While the total who voted against her is more than she can afford to lose, there are some members, especially freshmen from tough districts, who needed to show they wanted new leadership but may be willing to vote for her on the House floor when it counts.

But on Monday, Moulton, who declined a request for an interview through a spokesman, would not concede defeat. She did more to sell Obamacare than Barack Obama did.

"The reality is there is no alternative", said Rep. Brian Higgins, D-N.Y., who had signed on opposing her but reversed course.

Pelosi predicted their opposition will not stymie her speakership. Right now, if the current vote tally stands, she appears short of that number, with a very slim margin for error.