California Wildfires Death Toll Rises to 29, Deadliest in State History

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Many stars have posted messages on social media thanking firefighters and rescue workers. He ran across a few of Caddy's neighbors, but they hadn't seen her. "It wouldn't surprise me" if it turns out that winds caused equipment failure that sparked a fire, he said. Your mother's somewhere and you don't know where she's at.

Reality stars Kourtney Kardashian and Caitlyn Jenner messaged that their homes remained safe from the fire, while Khloe tweeted that she evacuated her home "with the clothes on my back" and her daughter's entire bedroom in her vehicle.

"This place. I got married there. She's a strong, smart woman".

Others were left to wait.

The president has previously blamed Californian officials for wildfires and threatened to withhold federal funding.

Trump's criticism prompted a response from actor Leonardo DiCaprio, who tweeted, "The reason these wildfires have worsened is because of climate change and a historic drought".

The air-masses blowing across the western United States deserts including Death Valley toward the coast are expected to bring the sustained high winds at least through Tuesday, he said.

While Rod Stewart backed her up, writing: "Mr. President, while people's homes are burning, while lives are being lost & while firefighters are risking their lives, California needs words of support & encouragement, not threats or finger pointing & accusations". You can also donate to various fire departments directly, including the Los Angeles Fire Department, and the Red Cross is providing help to those in need.

Neil Young saw his Malibu home consumed in the current spate of California fires, then slammed President Donald Trump for his inactivity over the state of emergency.

The deadly wildfires ripping through California have forced hundreds of thousands of residents to evacuate, including some celebrities whose homes have been lost to the blazes.

The three blazes continue to ravage over 196,000 acres of the state, prompting evacuations for over 250,000 people, including known Hollywood celebrities.

The devastation was so complete in some neighborhoods that "it's very hard to determine whether or not there may be human remains there", Honea said.

Six more people were confirmed killed in the Camp Fire in the north of the state, taking the toll there to 29.

ABC News reported: 'The largest and deadliest of the infernos is the Camp Fire, which as of Sunday had burned 109,000 acres, leveled 6,435 homes and another 260 commercial structures in Northern California's Butte County, according to officials. Cal Fire spokesman Bill Murphy warned that gusty winds overnight and on Monday morning may fan the flames.

About 300,000 people statewide were under evacuation orders, a lot of them in Southern California.

In Southern California, where the Woolsey Fire scorched at least 83,275 acres, the blaze was only 10 percent contained.

Berkeley and his wife, Robyn Berkeley, choked back tears as they recounted their ordeal holding back a 100-foot wall of flames and then repeatedly beating back hot spots that continued to flare up throughout the night and next day.

"Welcome to my home in Malibu", the star said in the footage, in which he surveys the charred remains of his property. Hoping our house survives but so sorry for all who've lost their homes.

"A fireman took him to the house to confirm", Breeding said.

Some of the remains consisted of fragments that most people wouldn't even notice in the ankle-deep ashes.