Amazon Web Services announces its own custom-designed ARM server processor

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Amazon Web Services is looking to the heavens with a new cloud service meant to "democratize access to space data", AWS CEO Andy Jassy said Tuesday at his company's re:Invent conference.

AWS re:Invent is an annual conference for the global cloud computing community.

The services will start with a network of 12 ground station antennae in AWS Regions (similar to data centres) around the world, enabling customers to download, process, store and analyse data.

'The AWS Graviton Processor powering the Amazon EC2 A1 Instances targets scale-out workloads such as web servers, caching fleets, and development workloads. The new processor is also set to support the computing experiences in the domains such as the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. But it made a decision to spend the money on creating its own designs because it saw a use case for rival technology and has the scale to make it worthwhile. Migrating to AWS has enabled Ellie Mae to adopt a microservices architecture to support its applications, regardless of scale, load, or complexity. IoT SiteWise is now available as a preview.

It added that the service is now available in Northern Virginia and OR in the USA and Ireland in Europe, before it is expanded to other regions in the coming year.

This week, Amazon is releasing SageMaker Neo, an enhancement to SageMaker that allows customers to train once and deploy anywhere by using the Neo Deep Learning compiler, which optimizes for each display target.

Amazon is giving developers four new services and capabilities for ingesting data from edge devices and building Internet of things applications. For partners, this makes good use of expensive dev resources. Once Lockheed Martin Verge receives and processes satellite data, customers can access it directly in their virtual private cloud (VPC) in AWS Regions.

Guardian took a deliberate approach to its cloud migration, moving targeted production workloads to AWS first.

Additionally, the Blockchain Express is a five- to six-week cross-industry offering that will provide AWS' clients access to Accenture's specialists and range of services from which they can drive value from the distributed ledger technology within the enterprise. It integrates with other AWS services such as AWS IoT Core and AWS IoT Analytics.

By providing software and services for customers to develop, test and deploy intelligent robotics applications at scale, AWS RoboMaker will aim to address some of the challenges now facing developers such as the lack of machine-learning knowledge, or the time-consuming processes of configuring infrastructure and software, and building or integrating robotic solutions with an over-the-air system. AWS CEO Andy Jassy calls the service a "total game changer".