Tom Hardy says his favourite 40 minutes Of 'Venom' were cut

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He then replied: "Things that aren't in [it]". 'Mad puppeteering scenes, dark comedy scenes.

Perhaps the hardest thing to process about Venom - and allow me to warn you that this is not an easy film to process in general - is the sheer ugliness of Venom himself.

Speaking to ComicsExplained, the film's star, Tom Hardy, said his favourite scenes in Venom didn't actually end up in the final cut.

A single bright spot in all this bizarreness was Hardy's turn as Eddie Brock, which many critics found genuinely enjoyable.

When asked about the remarks on the red carpet, the British star told The Associated Press: "Listen I've got to correct that".

"That's been misunderstood. What I'm trying to say is, the question was [what] scenes I was most excited to shoot...and I was like, there's a bunch of stuff that hasn't made the movie".

"His version of doing good is just eating", Hardy said of Venom. But that's not what it's about, is it? And me and the other executive producers know full well that has nothing to do with what's in that story. It's a unusual state of affairs, but hey, that makes it the ideal movie for 2018. "And it's awesome and I love it".

Numerous full reviews echo what the initial reactions on social media said. Will it compromise 1993 source series Lethal Protector as the PG-13 certificate - 15 in the United Kingdom - suggests (Logan and Deadpool dared to go hard-R)?

"Everyone is asking us that". Is there an R-rated cut sitting there?

But in the main, director Ruben Fleischer's movie sounds like it could be a bit of a mess. I happen to really like where he's evolved to. when he goes to space and is more of a. he gets really hulking, he gets huge.

"I wish there was always a clear, artistic line, but at a certain point, you have to square with the fact that you're getting older, you live in the world and you have needs", she said of taking the part.

Venom, a feature-length movie about a Spider-Man villain, which does not feature Spider-Man, is out October 3, and we'll soon find out if this massive gamble of a movie pays off.