Social Enterprise UK chief blasts Autumn Budget

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Mr Hammond revealed a new NHS mental health crisis service, which will include mental health support in every major A&E department, more mental health ambulances, "safe havens" in communities and a 24-hour mental health crisis hotline.

The £2.7bn entrepreneur's relief which gives tax perks on sale of certain businesses has been retailed.

Mr Hammond also indicated he was ready to bow to the growing clamour from Tory backbenchers for extra cash to ease the transition to Universal Credit when its rolls out nationally from next year. Suppose the public finance forecasts deteriorate significantly next year? Now the Chancellor has announced the same though he did not say what he would do with the existing £200bn of contracts which are bleeding the NHS, schools and local authorities.

According the UK Exchequer's calculations, the tax is expected to raise £1,190bn over the next five years after its introduction in April 2020.

May also played down speculation that she was preparing to call a snap election, which she said "would not be in the national interest", after pundits pointed out that such a giveaway budget usually preceded an election.

The cost of a pint of beer will be 2p lower than if duty had risen by inflation.

And a freeze on fuel duty stays in place while the price of a pint, cider and spirts will stay the same.

Workers whose earnings fall between the Scottish higher rate threshold and the threshold for this in the rest of the United Kingdom would be taxed at 41%, as well as having to pay 12% National Insurance Contributions (NICs), Spice said, noting the employee NICs fall to 2% above the United Kingdom higher rate threshold. It will apply only to United Kingdom revenue from search engines, social-media platforms, and online marketplaces.

But Dame Margaret Hodge, a former chairwoman of the Commons Public Accounts Committee who repeatedly challenged tech giants over their taxes, said the £400 million tax was "simply gesture politics".

The most eye-catching, that impacts the most people, is income tax.

There will also be £150 million for a Tay Cities Deal, £120 million for a North Wales Growth Deal, £350 million for a Belfast City Region Deal and opening negotiations on Derry/Londonderry and Strabane City Region Deal.

I can announce today: A further 500 million pounds for the Housing Infrastructure Fund, to unlock a further 650,000 homes; The next wave of strategic partnerships with 9 Housing Associations to deliver 13,000 homes across England.

The chancellor said he hopes the move will "protect CT police numbers" and that further funding would be "considered" at the Spending Review.

"No tricks... just treats", says The Sun, reporting that Mr Hammond staggered economists by going on a £103 billion spending spree, while the Metro runs with a similar Halloween theme.

The National Living Wage will rise to £8.21p/h from April 2019 from £7.83p/h.

He therefore promised a number of spending commitments on the back of the "hard work of the British people", including on Britain's crumbling road network.

An additional £1 billion was announced for the Ministry of Defence for the remainder of the year, and Hammond specifically referred to cyber capabilities and the sea deterrent Dreadnought programme.

This comes alongside £675m of co-funding to create a "Future High Streets Fund" to support councils to draw up plans for the transformation of their High Streets, allowing councils to invest in the improvements that they need and to facilitate the redevelopment of under-used retail and commercial areas into residential properties.