Samsung's foldable phone isn't coming very soon, new report claims

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As reported earlier, Samsung's next flagship, the S10 will sport an in-screen fingerprint reader (a similar feature is also coming on the soon to launch OnePlus 6T). Interestingly, Samsung is also toying with the idea of killing the headphone jack for the Galaxy S10, although that's just a prototype, the report says. Considering the hype rivals have been generating with their flagships, Samsung has been rumoured to work its wonders for making the next generation Galaxy S flagships revolutionary.

Aside from that, Samsung said that it anticipates LPDDR5 RAM to come to its smartphones in 2020. UFS 2.1 is now used in premium smartphones. The South Korean tech giant launched Galaxy S9 and Galaxy Note 9 which were supposed to take over the smartphone industry.

With Samsung nearing to the launch of Galaxy S10, it seems unlikely that we will see the patent being implemented in the S10. That's the part of Bloomberg's story that says 'when it cracks, [the screen] shatters like dried paper.' That's not to say the screen will be as fragile when placed under protective film in the Galaxy F, just that it may be challenging to mass-produce. The most expensive version of Galaxy S10 that ships with 5G network support feature will a whopping 12GB of RAM.

For other characteristics it is also known that the amount of internal memory of the gadget will amount to 512 GB.

Resource Bloomberg, referring to information obtained from knowledgeable persons told about the plans of Samsung for the production of advanced smartphones next year. If that's accurate, then the entry-level Galaxy S10 phone will still rely on UFS 2.1 flash storage.

Samsung is looking to launch fifth-generation mobile wireless technology with its Galaxy S10 smartphone set for release early next year. The S10 has triple cameras on the back while the front camera is visible and tucked under the screen, the people said. All three phones are expected to be fitted with OLED screens, but only the Galaxy S10 and S10+ are expected to have curved edges.

The below image reveals that the Galaxy S10 will be arriving in March in four variants such as Galaxy S10 with 4 GB of RAM, Galaxy S10 Plus with 6 GB of RAM, Galaxy S10 X with 8 GB of RAM and Galaxy S10 X 5G with 12 GB of RAM. For instance, Huawei's Kirin 980 features two dedicated neural processing units. However, with a big brand like Samsung working on it, you can rest assured they're unlikely to release a lemon, and reports today indicate Google's on board helping Samsung with the project.