Kelly Clarkson Reportedly In Talks To Replace Megyn Kelly On ‘Today’ Show

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She didn't. Blackface is the heinous practice of dressing up in stereotypical makeup in order to mock black people; that's obviously not what Kelly was talking about.

"Megyn Kelly Today" is not over yet.

Which tells you something about where the media's social priorities are.

There was an immediate backlash to Kelly's remarks both from within and outside NBC. Audiences were equally unexcited about Megyn Kelly Today. And her suggestion for NBC to hire an "outside investigator" to look into Farrow's obstructed reporting on Weinstein probably wasn't popular among her bosses. We've reached out to reps at NBC for comment.

"Here's the worst part _ her deal is a non-break deal - so she walks away with all that money". It's disgusting and heads should roll here because of it'. Megyn is barely one year into a massive three-year contract, and she was arguably fired for cause. On the episode, while speaking to an all-white panel, Megyn defended the concept of wearing blackface as a Halloween costume. "And then people can have more faith in it". I'm old enough to have lived through Amos "n" Andy where you had white people in blackface playing two black characters just magnifying the stereotypes about black people.

But this isn't really about the blackface thing, is it?

Kelly Clarkson is reportedly being approached by NBC to be Megyn Kelly's replacement.

All of this points toward a likely exit from NBC by Kelly, who has found it hard to maintain a loyal constituency. "If Megyn is leaving, they better also be telling us that [executive producer] Jackie Levin is following her out the door", the insider said. "She is not ever coming back", an NBC executive with knowledge of the situation told the Daily Mail.

Regarding reports of her departure, neither NBC or Kelly have issued statements on the matter.

Her one-hour morning show has never caught on with viewers, except for a brief bump when she aggressively covered reports about sexual misconduct, and Kelly was said to be unhappy with the amount of lighter material expected of a 9 a.m. show.

"They gave her the $69 million and all she has delivered is scandal after scandal". Primetime is now all locked down with Trumpists. "There is no place on our air or in this workplace" for her remarks at a town hall event, he said. Kelly was reportedly close to landing UTA co-president Jay Sures as her new representative, but the high-powered agent backed out after speaking with Oppenheim, according to The Hollywood Reporter. "She needs to go".