Hurricane Michael in USA kills 11

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The news and stories that matter, delivered weekday mornings. Michael flattened homes, plunged communities into darkness and ravaged whole neighborhoods.

"It is a monstrous storm and the forecast (keeps) getting more unsafe", Florida Governor Rick Scott said.

The state mental hospital in Chattahoochee, which has a section for the criminally insane, was cut off by land, and food and supplies were being flown in, authorities said.

Michael is not a spent force. It is moving northeast rapidly at 24 miles per hour.

Flash flooding also was reported in the big North Carolina cities of Charlotte and Raleigh. "I was sure it would be here", Daniel said. Residents emerged in the early evening to assess damage when rains stopped, though skies were still overcast and windy.

He said this hurricane season has left researchers plenty to study in the coming months. With Michael's excessive rain and winds, unharvested peanuts could rot in the ground and cotton bolls could be stripped from the plants.

Nearly 1.1 million homes and businesses were without power from Florida to Virginia early on Friday, according to utility companies.

Damage to houses after Hurricane Florence was so bad it strained the Carolinas' housing markets.

Of the power outages, "You fix the power, you solve a lot of problems", FEMA Administrator William "Brock" Long said Thursday, of the post-Michael recovery and cleanup efforts.

Federal Emergency Management Agency Administrator Brock Long said he expects the United States death count to climb Friday and Saturday as searchers sift through debris.

And, impressively, Michael's top sustained winds are growing again, to near 65 miles per hour (100 kph) at 5 a.m., with forecasters saying it will grow stronger still. Klotzbach said scientists will use Michael to better study the effects of wind shear on tropical storms.

The storm was expected to move across North Carolina and Virginia and push into the Atlantic Ocean by late Thursday or early Friday. A spokeswoman said that one man was killed when a tree crashed through the roof of his home in Greensboro.

All told, more than 900,000 homes and businesses in Florida, Alabama, Georgia and the Carolinas were without power. Officials didn't say whether anyone else was in the vehicle. An 11-year-old girl in Georgia also died when Michael's winds picked up a carport and dropped it through the roof of her grandparents' home.

Kemp said the bill totalled over $800 when she and her family fled Hurricane Irma's uncertain path a year ago.

In Virginia, the remnants of the hurricane swept away four people in floodwaters.

And: "This rainfall could lead to flash flooding".

The hurricane is now about 295 miles south of Panama City, Florida, but will likely make landfall in the panhandle by 1 p.m. Wednesday.

Governor scott says the us coast guard carried out 10 missions overnight, saving at least 27 people.

Gov. Rick Scott said the Panhandle awoke to "unimaginable destruction".

Scott urged residents to stay inside so search-and-rescue teams could get through, adding that many roads were impassable anyway.

Vance Beu, 29, was staying with his mother at her home at Spring Gate Apartments, a complex of single-story wood-frame buildings.

Northeast, in Tallahassee, many more roads were closed, and 90 percent of the city was without power.

While a Florida military base in the hurricane's trajectory was evacuated and its planes flown hundreds of miles away, prisoners were not evacuated, and numerous region's poor people found they had nowhere to go until it was too late to get out.

President Donald Trump pledged to help storm victims.

"We are not completely done". "I thought the roof was going to come off".

The imagery shows the near total destruction of Mexico Beach and heavy damage to nearby Tyndall Air Force Base. Houses - what was left of them - littered the street.