A Star Is Born

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What makes this movie different than the last time?

"A Star is Born" is focused on Jackson, a country rockstar who helps a young singer named Ally (Lady Gaga) find fame while dealing with his own demons, which are sending his career into a downward spiral.

As Ally becomes more successful, Cooper fantastically conveys the weight of Jackson's falling stardom and his self-image as a burden to others. Her chemistry with Cooper is extraordinary, that uncommon movie magic that goes a long way toward convincing you that what you're watching is utter truth. Along with this film being his directorial debut, Cooper is also the writer and producer.

Coming in at No. 2 this weekend is the music-heavy drama "A Star Is Born". He was originally attached as just an actor and Clint Eastwood was going to direct. "So many things and themes in that movie are so real for us in our lives, and it was amusing seeing it in the audience at the theater", Halsey continued. She's gorgeous, of course, but that's not why he falls in love with her.

The film initially gained traction at the Venice Film Festival back in August. However, people seemed in awe with how Lady Gaga was portrayed. He's smitten. The night's courtship is capped by an impromptu solo by Ally in the parking lot of an all-night grocery store, her soulful voice piercing the neon-lit air. He admits that it was the "most fulfilling" experience. The dread of knowing these lovers are dancing around tragedy but still nearly reluctantly falling for them and into their world is totally satisfying, despite the fact it also made me want to curl up in a bundle and wait for the world to fall away.

In addition, Gaga's powerful vocals are on full display, leaving no doubt that Ally is destined to be a star.

Not surprisingly, the couple's tumultuous relationship suffers a further setback with the love of her life fighting an ongoing battle with addiction, depression and a self-destructive streak. It's a story about two people traveling on professional and personal trajectories that slam them together in a transformative collision, then carry them apart when the Universe decides to take sides. For me, Cooper also deserves a nod both for his performance and direction. Together with Lady Gaga, he plays guitar and sings throughout the movie, and the soundtrack's standout song, "Shallow", is now the number one song on iTunes. There was no exception to that when finding who would play the lead role of Ally. But does Lady Gaga have the dramatic range to portray the complex character alluded to in the title?

I've always been a fan of Lady Gaga, so when I heard that she was starring in the new movie "A Star is Born", I was ecstatic. It's not surprising that his instincts were right.

This isn't the first film that is based on the plot.

I guess now is the time for Gaga. The film opens with Cooper live on stage belting out "Black Eyes", a song that clearly states this movie means business on the musical front. Before her meddling manager, obviously the film's villain, goes to work on her, she isn't using the dancers and the choreography in her performances.

"Venom" pulled off its big box office success despite some very bad reviews. "Venom", which cost about $100 million to make (relatively modest for a superhero film), grossed a total of $205.2 million globally. The fifth version of the oft-remade tale, which cost about $40 million to make, had been in development at Warner Bros. for decades, with earlier versions to potentially star Whitney Houston or Beyonce.

Bradley Cooper is outstanding as Jack. Even as Ally's unfaltering love remains steadfast, it's lost on Jack. In 2014, when Chris Evans, his contemporary, wore the director's hat with Before leavingI thought it would be a setting for the actors of this generation, but Cooper has proven otherwise. The story of the often-filmed bittersweet romance is familiar.